Mindful Mynah

Developer: Rich Henderson

Current Version: 2.0.4

Last Updated: 8 months ago

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• The tiny mindfulness bell for your Mac

"Perfect." - Leo Babauta, zenhabits.net

• Mindful Mynah plays a sound of your choosing, repeatedly, at an interval of your choosing.

That's all!

What you use the reminder for is up to you.

Some people get distracted easily, and want to be reminded to stay on task.

For others, distraction is not the problem. They want to be reminded to take regular breaks.

Some people just want a reminder to bring them back to the present moment:

"What are you doing right now? Is it still what you intended to be doing?"

• Simple, minimal interface

Select a sound, set the reminder interval, go. Mindful Mynah stays out of your way. On the Mac, the app lives in your menu bar. On iOS, the app can run in the background as you go about your day.

Mindful Mynah comes with a selection of reminder sounds, all kinds: sharp, soft, dry, resonant.

Some prefer a metallic sound that hangs in the air and creates a sense of stillness, like the church bell or Tibetan singing bowl.

Others like a drier, more organic sounding reminder, like handclap or knock.

Try them all out and see which ones work best for you, or select Random Sound for a surprise each time.

• Remind Me

You can set the reminder interval from one minute to two hours.

If you are using Mindful Mynah to remind yourself to take regular breaks, you might only want to hear a reminder once or twice every hour.

If your goal is to stay mindful of the present moment, or to stay on task, reminders once every few minutes might be needed, at least to begin with, or on days when you find it especially difficult to focus.

You may find that you need less frequent reminders as your mindfulness improves!

• Happy Customers

Leo Babauta at zenhabits featured the Mac version of Mindful Mynah in his Essential Mac Setup article, calling it "Perfect."

"Your app is so... unpretentious...simple... but it brings a little space of serenity in me every time I hear the sound of the koto, the tibetan singing bowl or the dulcimer (my 3 favorite ones...)" - Arnaud, Belgium.

"Mindful Mynah pulls you away from distractions with a gentle tone." - Lifehacker review.

"I just found out about Mindful Mynah to combat my ADD. This is probably the best $2 I've ever spent." - @rninh

"Mindful Mynah has been a wonderful addition to my working day." - Jennifer, UK

"Today has been one of those days that I appreciate the Mindful Mynah app on my desktop. #breathe" - @trudeanstudents

"Love the subtle call to attention, and the flexibility this app provides … well worth the menu bar real estate."

"Simplicity at its finest. Thank you!"

"Mindful Mynah is a very simple app, but nonetheless it has a huge impact on the daily productivity at work and my well-being"
- Mac App Store reviews

• Sounds

Church Bell
Cymbal • new!
Glockenspiel • new!
Pulse • new!
Snap • new!
Tibetan Singing Bowl
Tick tock
Tubular Bell


Release Notes:

- Fixed issue with run at login
- Fixed issue with Do Not Disturb
- App window doesn't reappear after login if you'd previously closed it


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Madgeylou

Simple and super helpful! - Mindful Mynah allows you to set up a gentle repeating reminder to yourself to return to the present moment. So often in the churn of emails and thoughts and information I'm dealing with every day, I end up losing focus. Blergh. To combat this, I set Mindful Mynah up to play a church bell every half hour. When it rings I take a second to write down what I'm doing, which helps keep me on task so I don't waste time messing around on the internet all day. More than that, it reminds me to be mindful of how I'm spending my time in the moment, allowing me to correct my course during the day. It's been a powerful practice so far!

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 2
Review by film watcher

works as expected except for one BIG BUG - Works as expected. Would be nice to have user supplied sounds but all in all, is well done except for one big bug, YOU CAN NOT CHNAGE IT TO NOT AUTOSTART ON LOGIN through the interface or apple preferences!!!!!! You have to uninstall the app from the machine. I used app cleaner to get it off my mac just so I can get it to not autostart. BAD BAD BAD. Also, when it does autostart, it wil show the user interface on bootup, can not turn that off I know it was a cheap app, but to make it autostart in a hidden OS preference so the user can not turn off autostart, BAD. I highly recommend that no one downloads this till they fix it. Also, the developer has yet to respond to my email!

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people