Developer: Prem Singh

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 65.7 MB - Download


This is 3D Archery Game. It is thrilling as you come under attack from Sky - DragonBats FireBalls and Ground wolves.

GreenHill Village is under DragonBat Fireball and wolves attack. Villagers running for shelter. Show your archery skill and wipe out all dragonbat and wolves in 10 minutes.

Game Levels:
It has three levels of game play - easy, medium and hard.

You will fail, if
1) Arrow are finished or
2) Archer all lives are over or
3) Game Time is Over - 10 Minutes and still enemies are roaming around.

Keyboard Controls:
1) Control/Space - Aim and shoot
2) WASD/IJKL and Arrow Keys to Move
Up+shift run
Left/Right+ shift - Rotate
3) Mouse to Rotate and Aim
4) Reload - Control/Space

300 - If you shoot in key area
100 - if Normal enemy area is shot
-400 - If Villagers are shot
-500 - If DragonBat destroy the house
900 - if DragonBat is killed

Visit: www.bluerayapps.com for details


Release Notes:

1) High Quality Eye catching Terrain Graphics with optimize performance
2) Archer Aim Accuracy
3) Keyboard Controls - movement control via
WASD and IJKL, Shoot using Space as well as Controll
4) DragonBat - Fires destroys house and you loose 500 points.
But if you kill dragon bat then additionally you score 900 points
5) Wolves can find you easily if you are near by and in vision range
6) FaceBook and Twitter integrated