Microsoft Remote Desktop

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Current Version: 8.0.38

Last Updated: 1 month ago

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With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. Experience the power of Windows with RemoteFX in a Remote Desktop client designed to help you get your work done wherever you are.

Getting Started
Configure your PC for remote access first. Download the RDP assistant to your PC and let it do the work for you:
Learn more about remote desktop apps here:

•Access to remote resources through the Remote Desktop Gateway
•Secure connection to your data and applications with breakthrough Network Layer Authentication (NLA) technology
•Simple management of all remote connections from the connection center
•High quality video and sound streaming with improved compression and bandwidth usage
•Easy connection to multiple monitors or projectors for presentations
•Print from Windows applications to any printer configured on your Mac
•Access local files on your Mac from your Windows applications
•Support for Azure RemoteApp

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Release Notes:

- The list of new resolutions wasn't showing up when you upgraded from version 8.0.36.
- Adobe applications were crashing when you tried to use them as RemoteApps.
- Black borders showed up when you used Office applications as RemoteApps on Windows Server 2016.

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 8.0.9
Review by diom3d3s

100% CPU Usage - (1 star review) Updated to 8.0.8 and experienced constant 100% CPU usage whenever the program is open. Does not go away when re connecting. Used time machine to downgrade to 8.0.7 which was a 5-star app for me. **Update: After updating the 8.0.9 the CPU issue is gone and I am changing my review to 5 stars. I daily connect to an Ubuntu server for scientific computing using this App and it works great.

Found helpful by 14 out of 17 people
Version 8.0.9
Review by macrosloth

Makes my Mac just as frustrating as my PC! - As if bringing Windows to a Mac through a… uh... window wasn’t enough, Microsoft designed this app with all the features you’d expect from a second-rate Windows shareware developer. Really, Microsoft developers? You think I might want to review the same release notes every time I start the app? Oh, “that’s crazy”, you say? Well then, why the heck don’t you just display them once per release instead of making me click a check box to opt-out with each and every inconsequentially minor revision? Else, maybe you could just respect my selection across releases? Uhhg. It has gotten more stable with recent releases, but it says something when your users’ default action for quitting your app is Right Click > Force Close. Seriously, guys… How hard can making your app exit cleanly be? The desirable behavior is dead-simple and stupidly-obvious. When the user asks the app to close, it should disconnect all connected sessions and go away. We don’t need to be pestered; Disconnected sessisons continue running on the remote machines so there’s no risk here. It doesn’t deserve a confirmation dialog or the associated frustration. There’s nothing to save, no data at risk of loss… JUST CLOSE ALREADY!

Found helpful by 60 out of 146 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 8.0.38
Review by KonnMan

They broke more things than they fixed. - The latest update of the app will now open RDP sessions way off center on the screen, you then have to drag the session back up so you can use it. More generally, somehow they still can’t get a multi tabbed interface on this like most other RDP solutions. And like other reviews mentioned, you still can’t put connections in folders. Also, integration with Windows 10 DPI settings is non-existent. Windows 10 leaves the DPI choice up to the connecting client settings, which only seems to work from a windows 10 client. So of course, from the Mac they leave it as default, with no ability to change it. The result is a super tiny user experience if using higher resolutions. The only workaround is to use lower resolutions, which makes things look crappy, or keep using windows 7 for your hosts. Update… 8.0.38 and still many bugs.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 8.0.38
Review by Malooche

Works flawlessly - I don’t know what people are complaining about! It works flawlessly for me!

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people
Version 8.0.38
Review by jds2726

A little buggy and ugly - Had my fair share of connection issues when using this with Server 2007 but problems fixed themselves when I switched to server 2012. Seems to be working okay now though. The icon is also pretty horrible. I know this doesnt impact functionaluty but I really appreciate a decent Icon since I have to see this on my dock all the time.

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people
Version 8.0.38
Review by Pritam83

No grouping so useless for Admins - I need to handle tons of VMs and all are in different domain so need to login using different credentials. If you don’t provide grouping then this app is useless for me. I truly loved the Windows Remote Desktop Manager app, and was using it for last several years. It will be great if you please add option to group VMs, and where I can store the credential in parent group and all child VMs will get that from there. Thanks.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 8.0.38
Review by neaner65

Issues since March 2017 - Anyone else experiencing recurring issues with RD? Since around early March I have been getting an error “credentials are correct but the remote server cannot log you in”. I wait for awhile and try again - sometimes it works - sometimes it takes multiple tries - and sometimes it won’t work at all until the next day. We are without a network admin right now so I am unable to troubleshoot from that angle. I am on a MAC - OS Sierra. I have tried re-installing with no success.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people