Metronomics HD Metronome

Developer: John Nastos

Current Version: 1.5.3

Last Updated: 27 days ago

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Meet Metronomics HD, the full-featured big brother of the popular iPhone metronome Metronomics -- the perfect practice tool for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals needing the most complex rhythmic options.

The Metronomics apps are the only metronomes that give you complete control over how subdivisions are played -- use custom subdivisions (such as 5/7), custom samples, preset patterns, random intervals, sequenced grooves, silent measures, or anything else you can think of to help drive your practice routine.

Metronomics HD not only features a beautiful innovative interface optimized for the larger screens, but also a new set of features, including "Inspector" mode. When activated, the Metronomics Inspector listens to and records your playing (either from an audio or MIDI input) and graphs it next to the metronome output, showing you how 'in time' you are compared to the metronome. It will also analyze your playing and attempt to show you how far away you were from the beat (measurements are precise when using MIDI input and based on audio analysis when using audio input). With this feature, Metronomics HD moves beyond the normal one-dimensional metronome and becomes an even more useful practice tool, with interactive feedback on your playing. You can also choose to play back or export your practice session to listen back to what you played while watching the visual analysis from Metronomics.

Whether in Inspector mode or not, you have access to over 40 different samples for each subdivision, plus the ability to import your own WAV files to use as custom sample sounds. Use any of these samples for any type of subdivision, including common types like quarter notes or eighth note triplets, sequenced grooves like claves or ride cymbal patterns, or a "custom subdivision," such as 7/5 or 25/4. Then, save your preferences and have everything synced over iCloud, allowing you to stay in sync with Metronomics HD on iOS if you also practice with your iPad.

- Generate patterns using random or sequenced variations of different subdivisions
- Include preset patterns such as claves (including odd-meter claves)
- Choose any number of beats per measure for your time signature, including mixed meters such as (4 + 3 + 5), where the segments of the bar get accented automatically
- Choose from 40 different included samples, or import your own WAV files
- Use any type of subdivision, including custom numbers (5/7, 13/4, etc)
- Move rhythms to unusual parts of the measure with the "offset feature" -- think quarter note triplets, starting on an offbeat
- Sync your saved metronomes and presets between the iOS and OSX versions of Metronomics HD using iCloud
- Email saved metronomes back and forth with other Metronomics users
- "Inspector" feature graphs your playing alongside the Metronome, using microphone or MIDI input
- Play back or export your playing with the metronome
- Swing feel, with customizable swing amounts

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Release Notes:

Bug fixes, including a fix to import certain WAV files that were not recognized before


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.2
Review by B'bba

This is IT. - I've been using Metronomics on iPad for a while now. I was really glad to see this new, more powerful version appear both for iPad and for Mac OS X. Of course, there are plenty of other metronomes out there that don't do much other than keep time. But Metronomics, and this new HD version are the powerhouse tools I have needed; not just to help me solidify my time, but to help me stretch my rhythmic vocabulary and skills. The feature set is excellent, the sounds are really good, and the workflow is logical. The sequence mode lets me create specific patterns with any phrase length I need. Down the road, I hope that a future version includes 4 or 5 dynamic levels to the sequencer. I know it may sound weird, but I'm actually excited about this metronome. It has added a new dimension to my practice and my learning.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.2
Review by Ken Dottie

Its ok….. - This app crash within the first 3 mins of opening…. I like the fact of the real sounds or add my own sounds but its tooo complicated. I just wanted a simple metronome that played the sound and displayed the time.

Found helpful by 3 out of 9 people