MenuBar ReArranger

Developer: Fabrice Leyne

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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MenuBar ReArranger, Take Control of Your Third Party Menu Bar Items !

As you may know, Mac OS X has 2 types of icon items in the Menu bar.

Type 1 - The ones on the far right, these ones can be dragged and moved around. Basically the Apple ones.
Type 2 - The ones sitting on the left of the previous Type. which cannot be moved around. This for all the other third party Apps, using the official public API.

It can be annoying that you cannot arrange them as you want, and that at each login they are displayed in a different order.

MenuBar ReArranger try to provide a solution to overcome the problem for the Type 2, the ones that cannot be moved. Doing so, as much as possible with the current official Public API.

***How these icons are arranged by the system ?

First one loaded and allocated in the Menu bar will be the first one on the right. The next one loaded and allocated will be on the left of the previous one. And so on...

At Login, the order in the login items list is not sufficient to guaranty the order in the menu bar. Basically, the order is not based on the App to be loaded first, but on the icon of this App to be allocated first in the Menu bar.

***How To Use MenuBar ReArranger ?

MenuBar ReArranger come as a tiny separator bar icon in your Menu Bar. Click on this separator icon and select 'Manage Items'

- When the 'Manage Items' window open, MenuBar ReArranger will have pre-populated the list with your items detected in the Menu Bar.
- Add or Remove items. Re-arrange the order as you want and then press the button "ReArrange Items in Menu Bar".
- Voila! Your Menu items order in the Menu Bar is now as you wanted it to be.

***How MenuBar ReArranger works under the hood ?

MenuBar ReArranger will reload your items as per your list, and in the same order.

MenuBar ReArranger doesn't set a delay between each applications launch.
During loading, MenuBar ReArranger is analysing the menubar. MenuBar ReArranger is checking that the item has allocated his space in the menu bar. As soon as it is detected, the next one will be loaded.

This to make sure that, 99% of the time, your order is respected.
Why not 100% ? If an item is taking an insane amount of time (more than 20secs) before allocating his menubar space, it will not be in order.


- ReArrange your third party menu bar icons when you want, the way you want.
- Easily Remove or Add a menu items.
- MenuBar ReArranger will detect your existing menu item in the bar and pre-load the managed list items.
- Use MenuBar ReArranger to load all your Menu Bar Apps at Login.
- New Hide option per item, to Hide the Application Window open by some apps when launched.
- NEW: Group your Menu Bar Items by separating them with a Space. The distance between 2 groups can be adjusted. This will improve the productivity of users with many Icons in their MenuBar.
- NEW: Expand your Icons Menu Bar area to see the items hidden by the Application Menu (Useful for small screens)
- NEW: Hide items that are not needed to be displayed on your menu bar, but need to be running.
- NEW: Configure System wide Key Shortcuts to quickly access main MenuBar ReArranger features.
- NEW: Hide the MenuBar ReArranger icon.

NB: Today the OS X system doesn't provide a native way to re-arrange these third party menu bar items. MenuBar ReArranger just try to fill this gap as much as it can with the current public API.
Type 1 and Type 2 icons area cannot be mixed-up, with the current APIs. Type 2 area is always on the left of Type1 area.

If you have problems with some specific apps not properly ReArranged, please contact us by email, for better support.


Release Notes:

After purchasing, get a free update to 2.1 at


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by I2amfrankish

Don't blame the program for user error and ignorance - Contrary to the claims that this program does not work, this program DOES rearrange the menubar. You arrange the icons in the "Menu Bar Items Manager" and then click on "Re-Arrange Items In Menu Bar, Now". If you want to hide icons, add the item "Behind the Curtain" in the Menu Bar Items Manager and then read the prompt! The developer lists the benefits and limitations of the feature. Also, to get the items to stay re-arranged upon start up, as the developer said before, disable the system from starting up the app(s) to be arranged [excluding menubar rearranger] (system preferences --> users and groups --> login items). If you previously clicked on the "Re-Arrange Items In Menu Bar, Now" button, those items should be automatically loaded via menubar rearranger upon its startup, thereby ensuring that the items stay in place. Don't blame the program and the developer for problems relating to user error and ignorance...

Found helpful by 24 out of 26 people
Version 1.2
Review by ProgrammerUser

Worthless - Doesn't have control over native icons. There is no "more" icon concept like the Windows tray. The way it works is that it waits for a while after login then quits all the apps with icons in the menu bar. Then it starts them up again in the right order. Very intrusive. The fact of the matter is that OSX's menu bar needs some serious help. Some icons are simply inaccessible in apps with a lot of menu options. There is no overflow behavior. There is no way to configure which apps show up in the menu bar and when. It appears that a 3rd-party app like this just doesn't have access to any OSX API that would allow it to address these problems.

Found helpful by 7 out of 20 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.2
Review by Orange Tang

Never, Ever Works - Never, ever, ever opens my status bar apps in the order I have specified. And since that's pretty much all this app is suppossed to do, I find it to be very disappointing. I'm puzzled that so many users seem to be having luck with it. But after days of twiddling with its settings, I can't get it to work at all. New feature request: a REFUND button.

Found helpful by 6 out of 16 people
Version 1.2
Review by Barroyo221

Application doesn't open menu items in correct order after restart - Downloading the application and rearranging the menu bar items works however once you restart your machine, the icons are all in the wrong place. I literally have to enter the application to rearrange the items manually, every time. Hopefully a fix will come soon because spending $4.99 on this app feels like a ripe off!

Found helpful by 5 out of 8 people
Version 1.2
Review by The_Eck

A "must have" untily - I've had this for several months now and it's a fantastic app. By following the directions (especially making sure that MBIs you want to appear are not checked to launch at startup!) it is easy to rearrange your 3rd party MBI icons to suit your needs. I'd also recommend users of MenuBar Rearranger to look into a complementary app called Bartender (not here in the MAS), which creates a second menu bar where you can store lesser-used MBIs. Bartender also allows you to move System MBIs (such as Airport, Time Machine, etc.) from the main menu bar into its secondary menu bar. Using MenuBar Rearranger in tandem with Bartender (cost of both is less than $20) makes my daily work that much more enjoyable.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 1.2
Review by Larry.McJunkin

Only works if updated manually - This app is supposed to rearrange the icons after a restart…but it never does so (I have it configured to do this per the developer's guidance). Every time I restart my Mac I have to rearrange the icons manually (using MenuBar Rearranger). Very dissatisfied with the application but it's paid for and UNINSTALLED now…perhaps a later update will solve the problems. For now I'd recommend staying away from it.

Found helpful by 4 out of 7 people
Version 1.2
Review by Nybbles2

Great App - just what I needed! - I just installed the latest version. It added the one feature I was REALLY looking for! Thank you!!!! Expand Menubar is just what I wanted. When you activate this feature, the menus to the the left side of the systray (sorry for stealing Windows tech term) disappears. Just click again on the window and it reappears! Perfect for small screens, or when you need to change resolution, or when the application you are using has too many menus and then blocks your many running menubar systray icons!

Found helpful by 4 out of 6 people