Menu Bar Audio

Developer: Clifton Onolfo

Current Version: 1.00

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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The only menu bar audio app you will ever need!

The do it all, solve all problems menu bar audio app is here!

Do you always have many different audio input & output options and hate having to go thru all the steps to get them to the right sources?

Well this app brings it ALL to the menu bar for easy and fast access!

You will be switching your output audio sources and input audio sources in no time flat with this app.

The app will show all your input & output audio sources available and enable you to switch between them with a touch of the mouse!

Remember the "A" In Your Menu Bar is our App!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.00
Review by ed_howmany times do i have to

Is this a real company? - The application does not dispay input sources, as advertised. Links from this app store page for support and for the developer's web site go to an unrelated page. Nota bene: I don't think the developer exists. The app doesn't work and there is no recourse.

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Version 1.00
Review by jrnyoflife

Does not identify Airport Express and Apple TV - I bought this because I have speakers throughout my condo that I stream to through two Apple TVs and two Airport Express's. I know I can option + click the volume icon in the menu bar to use OSX's native switching, but that usually doesn't give me all the available outputs (just a subset), so I have to then click Sound Preferences and choose the output from the menu box that comes up. I was hoping this 99 cent utility could give me a complete list so that I could more easily select any of the Apple TV or Airport Express's that I have. But it doesn't show separate Apple TV's or Airport Express's. Rather, it has ONE item when I click it that says Airplay, which doesn't make sense because I have FOUR Airplay devices. So if you are thinking of using this to direct your sound to specific Airplay devices, look elsewhere -- this utility app would be worthless to you. Save your 99 cents and enjoy a coffee on me. If the developers update this app to correctly use Airplay, then I will update my review immediately. If this review is still up, that means the app hasn't been fixed. As a side note, while looking at free utilities on the web earlier this evening, I came across an app that did the exact same thing and functions the same way, which begs the question whether this developer just took some old and obsolete freeware source code found on the web and created this app. Update: I just checked, and this app. is very simililar to Audio Switcher - a freeware app developed by someone else (not on the app store). Most of the layout is exact, the behavior is exact, the preferences format is just slightly different.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.00
Review by twmnca

Revised review!! Only fair thing to do! - All I wanted was an app that would allow me to switch from one audio source to another, sounds simple and that was what I thought described the function of this app. WRONG, it doesn't work at all and I have rebooted and done all that it allows to make changes. Nothing works!!!! Even the support link takes you to a Capital Assc. Group. REVISED!!! Not sure but for what ever reason it started working and it allows me to switch from one source to another for input and output. The link to support is still not working, and the the two input blocks are a mystery to me, nothing to choose. It seems the default input should allow the same options as the default output. A little improvement needed here, but bottom line, it does what it says now and I'm ok with that.

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Version 1.00
Review by tdurden77007

Works great! - Gives me an easy button to select my output options… just as i had hoped! Great app!

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