Developer: BSoft

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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MemoTrainer program is intended for memory training and development.

Memory is one of the most important human functions. And every person
comes across the situation when the memory fails. We cannot remember
the actor’s name or we forget to send birthday greetings to somebody.
But there are moments when such mistakes lead to catastrophic
consequences when it’s about the work of responsible personnel. These
are doctors, pilots, military men, processing station operators,
special services stuff etc.
Our memory just like our muscles needs training. Of course we have
natural trainings when we go through different life experience, but if
memory needs to be improved in a fast and radical way, the special
means are to be used – trainers.

MemoTrainer program is developed specifically for memory training and
All you need is to do the seemingly easy exercise on the regular
basis – push buttons in the determined order and to try to do it in
the shortest possible time.

The program has a simple and user-friendly interface, you can
intermit the exercise (if you are being distracted) and you can also
use tips.
The program saves the Top 10 results that will allow you to follow
your results.
When you see that you have achieved the highest level of the basic
mode, you can advance into “Professional” mode to increase your memory
capacity even more.

After regular trainings with MemoTrainer, you’ll realize that there
are less and less times when you forget something.
Remember the most important and the most valuable things!

Working with the program
1. To install if needed “Professional” level in MemoTrainer menu
2. To push red buttons in the increasing order, and blue ones in the decreasing order, interchanging them: 1 red, 18 blue, 2 red, 17 blue and so on. After pushing button 1, countdown starts.
3. If you need help, push Help button. The tick near the correct button will appear.
4. If you need to intermit the exercise, push “Pause” button. When you push it again, it will be resumed hinting the following button.
5. To restart the exercise, push “New” button.
6. To see the boxes of the highest scores, choose “High scores” in MemoTrainer menu.
7. To clear the list of the highest scores, choose “Clean Score” option in MemoTrainer menu.


Release Notes:

Some minor bugs fixed