Developer: Algoritm LLC

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Mementum – a smart and handy voice reminder. It gives an opportunity to sort your recordings by categories and write additional text notes if neccessary.

This app provides user with the most valuable features to remember all his plans:

Smart interface – All elements are strictly on their places just to make the app usage simple and enjoyable.

Voice or any other sounds could be recorded via mic as a new Mementum reminder, just click Rec button.

Global hotkey – To make new record you are just to use Cmd+Shift+M and Mementum will immediately start recording, next Cmd+Shift+M will save the item and remind you in 15 minutes by default. You can also change time period while making the reminder.

Preset time buttons – We added 4 most using time periods to use them as the default ones and a knob to set accurate time using mouse or even gesturing. To set your own calendar time periods you are provided with the customization options.

Incredible handy item list – You can use Mementum as a storage for all your reminders until you decide to erase them or to use once more. Each needed item could be found easily.

Categories - The whole recording list could be sorted by categories. We propose to use seven colored categories for all of life’s emergencies and smart filters to find quickly everything the you need, whether it is overdue reminder or just a text note.

Text notes – While pronouncing you can also write a few words about your new record or even paste information content to mark the reminder.

Three operation modes – each time other than the standart mode you can use two more - only an alarm sound to invite your attention or just a notification window without any sounds.


Release Notes:

* New keyboard shortcuts
* Global hotkey double operating mode
* Remind screen preset controls for time snooze
* Interface improvements


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1
Review by d.lashchevskyi

Good idea, keep work on updates please (list applied). - I like the app idea and what it does, however here are the list of things that I miss to call it rly useful: 1) Feature (Critical) I tried record my Skype call with this as I thought it might be great to combine my notes and conversation, BUT Skype sound was greatly low comparing to my voice. It makes me think that app use only microphone hardware to record, not the entire system sounds. note: used build in mic, not the headset and call quality was good. I’d add that the record was useless since almost no sound of the other skype end was recorded. I need system sounds badly to make the true use of the app – record calls, and combine my notes (even combine records). 2) Feature (Critical) I need record volume control! 3) Enhancement (Medium) I'd like to be able to save and share records produced by the app. Would save tons of time. 3) Feature (Critical) Playback is critical, not controls atm. You can only play/pause/reopen. Slider bar is completely missing!!! Volume etc. is missing as well. I want to repeat a portion of the hour-length talk, boost sound where it is lacking. C'mon, give it to me. 4) Enhancement (Medium) Preferences that will allow graduate record quality and record format. 5) UI I'd like player merged into main interface. This would be so nice. 6) UI/Feature (Low) Some "back" buttons would be nice to have :) I'm not always want to apply new time for reminder. Other than that I like the app, but please, make an update. Price is ok with changes requested. I'd pay even $10 if those were in before my purchase.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people