Developer: Ted Butler

Current Version: 3.3

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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MediaKeep is a copy utility specifically designed to cater the demanding needs of professional film and video production/post production. MediaKeep allows you to copy camera files to two separate drives at the same time with maximum efficiency!. This is a common need in a file-based workflows and this tool ensures safe delivery of captured materials to client.

Another common use is archival MediaKeep allows you to quickly archive large volumes across several physical disks. For example, it would allow you to backup a 15TB RAID array (showed in screenshot) safely across 4 to 5 separate 2TB disks. The best part is that every single disk is independently mountable since MediaKeep does not use a specialized file system. It basically copies files until the current target drive is full, then it will ask for a new target drive and does this until all the files from the source drive have all been copied to the target drives.

It has all features you've come to expect from a professional utility tool, such as resumable copy and checksums like MD5 and others. MediaKeep has been tested to work with cameras from ARRI®, Canon®, RED®, Phantom® and many more.

• On set DIT ( Data Wrangler )
• IT Big Data Backup / Archival


Release Notes:

Fails during dual target copy - This has been fixed.