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There are times when you want to quickly find out whether two or more particular files (not folders) are exactly the same. In these cases, download and use Identical. It's free! Using Identical is simple: 1. Drag files on Identical’s menu ba

Download Buddy is a sophisticated but extremely easy-to-use Internet-download manager. It supports everything you need for stress-free and reliable downloading and does not disturb you with useless features or meaningless gimmicks.  FEATURES&nb

** a light, quick but fully functional word processor** Design, edit and publish stunning documents with WordTo Go for the Mac. Loaded with a robust array of features and fully optimized for the sumptuous Retina display, no other desktop publishing

** $1 SALE. Don't miss out ** Planet Clocks 3D is an interactive, beautiful app complete with all the planets in our solar system. With one click, transform each planet into an amazing 3D clock. With over 6 months in development, we left no detail

Ethernet Status

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▸ Shows your Public IP address ▸ Support for Thunderbolt, Firewire and retina icons!!! ▸ Works with MacBook​ Air ▸ Shows Network Speed and Data Usage for each adapter See the status of your LAN/Ethernet connection right

Battery Time shows the remaining time your MacBook can run on its battery in the menu bar. The remaining time varies depending on usage, so you can see when your MacBook suddenly consumes more power. E.g. when starting to watch an HD video after sur

NetAdmin is a fully automated powerful monitoring tool which continuously provides diverse information on the local network you are connected. *** NetAdmin Pro (advanced version of NetAdmin) was released. You may check it first. In your offices and

Copies is a clipboard manager* designed for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Features - Sync with iCloud - Support Text, Link, Image and File* - Keyword search and filter - Favorites and notifications It is easy to use, it supports images and files, it works

K-Notifier is a menu bar utility which displays number of tickets in assigned departments of Kayako Fusion 4.0 (4.40.986 or higher) helpdesk system. Settings - Account can be added using a Setup Assistant, which walks user through sometimes complica

Access your computers from wherever you are! Work on that spreadsheet you left at home, perform software updates on your server ten thousand miles away, help your dad configure his computer in your hometown. Screens lets you connect back to your

Resize This easily resizes your Retina sized images to a normal size so that your friends and colleagues can view them normally on their non-Retina screens. Simply drag-and-drop your images onto the Resize This icon in the taskbar and they’ll

Login & Awake Sound is a tiny, but very useful app, that enables you to specify a sound or a music file, that is played every time you log in to your Mac or when your Mac awakes. It's simple user interface lets you specify which sound file you want

Nimble Commander is a free dual-pane file manager designed specifically for Mac. Optimized for efficiency, Nimble Commander provides a blazing performance and momentary user interface feedback. Offering traditional powerful dual-panel manager concept

This personality test designed to reveal aspects of an individual's character or psychological makeup. It helps you discover your personality and social compatibility, based upon research in personality psychology. Take your time with this test and

Time Tracker Pro is a simple and intuitive Time Tracker featuring an unlimited number of hierarchical tasks, simple statistics and exporting to e.g. iCal Features • Hierarchical tasks, in any depth • Many different kinds of statistics &bul

Contact 32 a new way of staying in touch with contacts that actually matter! Use iCloud to keep your contacts on all your devices. Contact 32 is a very simple idea. An idea that is very smart. A very personal approach to managing your contacts. A ne

Easy and convenient way to convert your fb2 books collection to epub format. - Fast and high-quality conversion - Embed one of 5 fonts - Handle multiple books in one go - Automatically add epub documents to iTunes

This app is status bar app. you can switch your speaker one after the other . This app is recommended for Bluetooth speaker user  or external speaker user. Click status bar icon. dial icon is rotated. SP1 -> SP2 -> SP3 -> SP2 -> SP1 -> &h

A fast and reliable SSH terminal application. - Great as a remote and local terminal - Multiple views, tabs and windows - Optimized for low energy consumption - Servers may be executed directly in new tabs, views or windows - Window/view setup will

Lightweight World clocks that sits on your menubar. Add cities to the list and be informed of the current time in these cities! #features - uses natural language (today, tomorrow, yesterday) to indicate if the city is in the same day as the user -