Developer: Embarcadero Technologies Inc

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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MathViz allows you to visualize any function of two variables y=f(x,z) in brilliant colors.

There are a couple of pre-built functions, and you can add your custom function and visualize it.

You can rotate around all 3 axis (X, Y and Z) as well as zoom in and out using the controls.

Powered by TExpressionParser - a flexible and fast expression parser for logical and mathematical functions by Egbert van Nes, with contributions by John Bultena and Ralf Junker.


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Version 1.0
Review by Johnny B. Kaye

No Instruction - I don't use graphing programs very often, so I don't know the "secret" signs to enter functions like exponents. This program lacks any sort of instructions. I would rate it higher if it had something. The sample equations are sort of a hint. Also, the rotation speed is too quick and it is difficult to set the graph to the view you desire.

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Version 1.0
Review by soldernut

It’s a Fine Demo - MathVis not only works exceedingly well, it serves another purpose. The business of creating cross-platform mobile apps is on complex can of worms. Do developers want to use the “native” development tools for each platform? I sure don’t. Should developers settle for anything less than highly-optimized, native machine code? I don’t think so. MathVis shows us the stunning results than can be had with Embarcadero’s FireMonkey, a fairly new “personality” for the venerable Delphi development system. If you’ve worked with the Delphi VCL (Visual Control Library), you know how easy it is to create Windows Desktop applications, complete with stellar multi-database support; applications that are deployed as highly-optimized, native machine code. Your applications have no dependencies upon interpreters or runtime “frameworks” that are merely interpreters hiding behind euphemisms. Delphi applications can, and usually are, deployed as a single executable. If there’s more than one file in the deployment, it’s usually an on-line help system. There is NO DLL hell! Of course, Delphi deployables can include DLLs and other forms of libraries. The point is that they generally don’t have to. The same applies to the newer FireMonkey personality. FM includes the same, strongly-typed, OOP language, Object Pascal. There are enhancements, of course. One of the things that makes FM a standout is its compiler’s use of the GPU. Graphics Processing Units, today, are powerful microprocessors in their own right. To compile for just the CPU woud be a serious oversight. The FM compiler takes advantage of the GPUs incredible processing power to further enhance the performance of FM applications. Whether you’re currently developing mobile apps, or just starting to think about it, do yourself a big favor: Give Embarcadero Delphi (or RAD Studio) some serious consideration. (FM is bundled with those products). MathVis gives you a hint of the possibilities. I haven’t seen the source code for MathVis, but I have a suspicion that it involves surprisingly few lines of code (but smart use of the code, for sure).

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