Market Alert!

Developer: René Groot

Current Version: 1.4

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 1.5 MB - Download


Are you a regular visitor of to score that rare item for your collection or even a professional collector? Market Alert! can assist you. Enter your search text in this utility and let Market Alert! check every 5 minutes if something new has been added, matching your search term. It will then notify you via email.

Do you have a mobile service provider that supports sending emails as a text to your mobile device? In that case you can even be alerted by a text. Consult your provider for instructions and possible fees that may apply.

This small and simple App increases the likelihood that you will be the first to react, without having to re-enter that same search in your web-browser over and over again.

So how does it work?

When you launch the app you see a screen that allows you to enter the following:

1. your search term on *
2. choose whether you want to search both in the title and the description (default setting is title only)
3. the email address to which results will be sent *
4. Whether you want to restrict the result to "Buy it Now" and thus exclude auction items
(* is required)

Click "Start" to validate the entries and start searching.

From then on it will search for you, just like if a standard search was entered on
The first time right away. It remembers what it found. If after 5 minutes something new appears, that new ad will then be sent to your mail address, including the price and and a link to that add.

That way you can immediately see if it's worthwhile to react and link to it on by clicking the link.

You can suspend the search by clicking the "Stop" button

The program runs in the background and has no other windows with bells and whistles. At this time, only one search can be active at the same time.

When you quit it, it stores your last search.
You could use Google Alerts for this, however due to the time it takes to index new pages, you will not always be the first to be notified.

Simple but powerful.


Release Notes:

Added an option to limit the notifications to "Buy It Now" offers and thus exclude Auctions.


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Version 1.4
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Waist of Money - This app has not worked even one time, all I get back are errors. Don’t waist your money. I would give it ZERO Stars if I could

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