Markdown Pro

Developer: RADSense Software

Current Version: 1.0.9

Last Updated: 1 month ago

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*** Best Markdown Syntax Editor ***

With Markdown PRO you can write beautiful documentation, notes, essays, term papers all by using plain text to tag your formatting such as bold, italic, lists and others. Need a heading? add # before your text; need to make a text italic? add * around your *text*.

Using the plain text formatting, it is really easy and fast to type. You will never have to take your hands off the keyboard, so you can focus on writing. Markdown PRO provides live preview of beautifully formatted text using one of the provided templates. See the results as you type.

It takes less than a minute to learn it!

Your formatting stays where it should, with your text. You can apply a different template at any time to change the colors and size of the text you write.


• Full screen support
- Markdown Pro can run in full-screen mode, allowing you to focus on your work and remove distractions from your screen. We utilize the native OS X Lion full-screen support and you can open more than one document in full-screen.

• Auto save
- It's time to stop worrying about saving your documents all the time. We save your work automatically. You don't need to remember to press Command-S to save anything.

• Version history
- You know when you are working on your document and you regret the changes you made, but is too late because you have already saved it? Well, don't pull your hair anymore. Everything is saved.

• Resume
- We always open your documents where you left off

• Export Markdown PRO documents to PDF, HTML and plain text

• UTF8 support. Write in any language!


Release Notes:

• New support to iCloud documents
• Fixed issue exporting to PDF under Mac OS X 10.9
• Fixed Unicode encoding bug inside code blocks
• Other small fixes and improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.8
Review by shultquist

Use it constantly - I use this Markdown editor almost constantly. Being able to see the format immediately when needed, being able to copy/paste from the formatted version to get clean RTF for most other environments, and the general clean editor for Markdown makes this my go-to editor. It would be nice to have built-in Markdown reference so I can look up the more rare Markdown, but that's a relatively minor want.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.0.8
Review by revwezlo

Needs an update - This ceased functioning after Mavericks was installed on my Macbook - it down crashes every time I try to save a file. If you are still on Mountain Lion, this is a FANTASTIC markdown editor. If you have moved to Mavericks, avoid it untill you see an update.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0.9
Review by Reviewed After Use

Use it Daily - I find it to be a very good tool.. Though I found lightpaper which is still free and is about the same level of throughness to the spec. Markdown Pro’s reversioning puts it above, way above, lightpaper. Though LP does cross-view better and has footnotes implemented a bit better. My Current Thoughts: ISSUES: 1. footnotes needs work 2. preview cross-viewing updates the right side jumps. Just needs to be a cleaned up a bit. 3. Long documents are hard to read. The rendered version is hard to sync with the edited version takes abit of hunting. Would like to click on rendered and have editor sync 4. PDF has issues with pagination 5. Manage save times for git LIKES: 1. CSS Templates 2. Revert To 3. PDF/HTML Export 4. It has footnotes which is awesome, but need its to be [^#] instead of ^[#] and the referring links need to work. 5. Preview- side by side. Would like to have: 1. Change font and bg/fg color in editor side 2. Footnotes 3. Side By Side to be in sync 4. Click on preview text and match and highlight markup text. 5. Would like to have a hotkey to bring it up and down 6. Stick it in the Mac OSX Menu bar for better access (so it can be managed with Bartender) All in all, I am ok with spending 10$, there is great value here. I have grown accustom to markdown pro over lightpaper. I am interested version 2.0

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 1.0.9
Review by Mark Metro DC

Mostly likable, but I can’t use my css templates and ... - I’ve been using Mou and Markdown Pad 2 (PC) and I had high hopes for Markdown Pro. I’m appalled that the preview screen doesn’t sync with the editor location. I could get over that. But I can’t use my style sheet. So this is fairly useless. Email to RADSense has gone unanswered. I’d like to put all the markdown editors into a blender and pour out a really functional (cross platform would be nice) tool. Wish I could get a refund unless I find a fix for the css issue.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.0.9
Review by Gander666

A good editor, but ... - Being a cross platform person, who does some light HTML creation, I love markdown. On the Mac, without a doubt, Markdown Pro is my favorite go to editor (and I have a few installed). It is outstanding in versioning, and its “remembering” what I was working on when I do something stupid. But that is a Mac trait these days. However, I do prefer Markdown Pad on the PC. It is just a bit more convenient, and intuitive to use. Not sure how to bridge the gap, both products are great, but I give the nod to the PC program (one of the rare times that I can say that. The one annoying thing is that when I am working on longer documents, the “preview” screen doesn’t scroll when you keep typing, so you have to keep mousing over and recentering the view.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.0.9
Review by Fooxzie

Solid markdown editor - Great editor for doing quick edits or building large markdown documents. The only feature missing in my opinion is cross-view scroll syncing and cross-view highlighting. If you're working on a long document, it's easy to lose your place between the raw text view and the rendered markdown view as they scroll independently and there's no automated way to get them to the same spot. I filed a feature request and the author says that feature is coming in 2.0. Until then, this is still my go-to markdown editor.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.0.9
Review by pridkett

A reliable markdown editor with a few gotchas - I’ve found this to be a nice and reliable markdown editor, but it has a few small gotchas. Perhaps the biggest is that it often seems to make small changes to the source file asynchronously. This causes problems with committing the file to source control repository as I’ll think that the file has been saved and then I’ll go to commit and I’ll get a warning about unsaved changes. Aside from that this is a fine editor that works quite well. The ability to give arbitrary CSS files for templates is great too and very well appreciated.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people