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— “Beast. This game is one of the best games that I have played in a long time! It is addicting!” — “Everyone in my family loves this game.” Castle Siege is addictive strategy game for 1 or 2 players. Try a new or

Enjoy this amazing African Safari experience! Mancala Kalah Free is a fun and challenging count and capture game and is very popular in many African societies and across the USA. You can play games with 3 or 4 seeds (5 or 6 as well in the full versio

Seasons Pairs

28 days ago

Seasons Pairs is a gorgeous and fun matching pairs memory game, featuring Christmas, Halloween, St. Valentine, Easter & Summer themes!, a perfect game for kids and great for all ages! Features - Easy and Fun game to play. - Beautiful Graphics. - Lov

Dog Pairs is a fun matching pairs memory game featuring dogs of many races! Features: - Easy and Fun game to play. - Cool Dogs Graphics. - Great Music and Sound effects. - Up to 6 Different board sizes. - Play single player, 2 players, or sing

Ghost in the Machine is about the player's escape from a run-down factory following a large explosion. In the dark factory there are many dangerous machines that must be minded in order to not be crushed or mechanically separated. Inspired by 1980s p

FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! Dino Assassin is a perfect time-killer game for all those who like various hunting games and are craving for a new dinosaur race! If you're already played a lot of destruction games with dinosaurs, you'll get addicted to th

★★ Best card game on the Swiss Mac App Store ! ★★ The Mac App Store is overflowing with card games of all calibers, from excellent to unplayable ; Solitaire, Blackjack, Poker, just to name a few. With a traditional Jass, Kyna

FACT: Your brain starts to shrink if you don't use it enough... What better way to prevent it from shrinking than to play Stupid Game?! Stupid Game is a brand new game from Inc. and it is an innovative way to test your brainpower and keep it a

Zap all the bugging bugs now! "Bug Blitz" will be the best game to test your agility and quick judgement. Combined with various bugs & multiple items to use, this will turn many puzzle lovers' heads. Zap all the bugs and make the world clean, free f

Kick start your medieval domination in Stronghold Kingdoms, the first and only MMORTS for Mac. “One of my favorite MMORTS titles” – Massively “There’s a whole lot to keep strategy veterans happy” – Strategy

Aquarium Pairs is a gorgeous and fun matching pairs memory game, perfect for kids and a great time killer! Features: - Easy and Fun game to play. - Beautiful Graphics. - Pleasant Music and Sound effects. - Up to 6 Different board sizes. - Play

Connect Fun is the classic two-player game of four in a row. Two players take turns dropping their color checkers into one of the slots at the top of the board. Win the game by getting 4 or more of your color checkers either vertically, horizontally,

Easy to understand,interesting to play. Welcome to Slots+ for fun! Spinning the reels of your favorite slots,unlocking new slots to get big win and big fun! Features 1. A simple interface means you can start playing in seconds. 2. You can get fre

Quick! Get your copy now! FREE for a limited time! UBV Volley 2011 is a fast-paced arcade beach volley game designed for up to four players. The game aims for simple playability and maximal fun. You can play against AI or play all players with keyb

Play In Between Cards! Singleplayer (2 – 6 players) – Play solo against 1 – 5 computer opponents. Multiplayer (2 – 6 players) – No login required! Play with people across multiple platforms from all around the world.

Cue up your best shot for an incredibly realistic game of Pool from the convenience of your computer. Experience why fans love MacPool and call it the “best pool game around.” Very easy to play, this simulation of the popular 9-Ball, 8-Ba

Until now, Hearts has been limited to 2-dimensional play. it's time to take your Mac Hearts experience into the 3rd dimension with Hearts+. Hearts+ raises the bar on graphics and interactivity in card games, using the best technology the Mac has to

*** 80% OFF REGULAR PRICE!! LIMITED TIME LAUNCH SALE!! *** Multiplayer game can be played against iPad users over the Internet!! Galcon is a must. Conquer the Galaxy like never before! Galcon Fusion is an awesome high-paced multi-player galactic

Game Gadget has six sets of six dice, six timers, a score keeper, and rules for number of dice games. Use it to play just about any dice game you can imagine. It is also great for keeping score in other games and as a replacement for lost dice and b

Create your own worlds with thousands of random players or friends online in Multiplayer mode or start your own survival game on the infinite randomly generated maps! Explore universes and random worlds created by others. Upload your own maps and c