Maipo for Weibo

Developer: Wu Tian

Current Version: 3.2.1

Last Updated: 2 months ago

Download Size: 5 MB - Download


Maipo is a full-featured Third-Party Weibo client. Formerly known as "WeiboX"

It have a clean and intuitive user interface, designed to be comfortably left open all day. Brings you the ultimate Weibo experience.

It's simple to use but have a lots of powerful features such as:
1.Mutiple Accounts, You can sign-in multiple accounts at the same time;
2.Notification Center Support, All new messages will display on your screen immediately;
3.Multiple Windows and Columns, You can view and manage multiple timelines at the same time;
4.Retina Display Support, Every pixel seeks the ultimate;
5.Mute filters, Filter your timeline with keyword, user or sources;
6.Multi-Touch gestures, Swipe to go back and pinch to preview.

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Release Notes:

"WeiboX" changed its name to "Maipo"!

3.2.1 includes several new features, improvements and bug fixes:

New Timeline UI:
• Shows Reposts, Comments, Likes count directly
• View status's details more easily
• Photos in timeline can be drag & drop to another app

Hover to Preview:
• Preview photos, videos when hover the thumbnails
• Gifs and videos will playback automatically during preview

• View likes you received and sent
• Post like to others comment

Other Improvements:
• You can now attach one photo when post comment
• Click side bar icons will trigger refresh
• Improved experiences for Magic Mouse users


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.1.3
Review by fuermosi777

迄今为止最好用也是唯一能用的 Mac 微博客户端 - 如题

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 3.0.5
Review by lingaoyi

User requests out of rate limit! - User requests out of rate limit!

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people

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Version 3.2.1
Review by aaronchoo2010

Icon 太难看啦 - Icon 太难看,都不好意思放到 Dock 上。请重绘一下。App 还挺好用的

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 3.2.1
Review by jarvisdong

Nice Name - Love the new name!

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Version 3.2.1
Review by Caidao

Absolutely love it - It has very neat UI, and very user friendly. Also, when accessing the official Weibo website (in the US), I often had some difficulties. But when I using this app Maipo, I never met a single issue

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Version 3.2.1
Review by TCimagination

Hover is a disaster - Honestly, I dislike the features brought by “hovering”. Most of the time, I am not interested in the figures at all. If I find something I would like to see in detail, I would simply click the figures to enlarge them. But now, those figures are automatically enlarged whenever my cursor is over them. It is making troubles, really. Please disable this function in your next version. Except that, the overall experience is great.

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Version 3.2.1
Review by 王楚贤

good - good

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