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Developer: 45RPM Software

Current Version: 3.12

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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The best Microsoft Outlook msg and Winmail.dat converter on the App Store.
Have you got old e-mails archived somewhere? Have you ever wished that your Mac could read your old Microsoft Outlook .msg files? If so, MailRaider could be just what you need. If you need even more power then MailRaider Pro is the tool for you.
In additional to all of the power of MailRaider, MailRaider Pro gives you:
* The same great support that you get with MailRaider, conveniently available through the 45RPMSoftware website, via email and the support forums.
* No hidden costs - pay once, and you have all the functionality that MailRaider Pro can offer, without costly in-app upgrades.
* Bulk processing. Hundreds of emails to process? No problem! Just fire up the Bulk Processing tool, and relax while MailRaider Pro converts your email for you.
* The option to display your email with the formatting intact, as it was originally sent, or as plain text. It's your choice.
* The ability to save into a customisable XML format so that you can further process your email using tools of your own.
* Spotlight and Quicklook support - if you only want to read your email then you don't even need to load MailRaider Pro.
* Customisable user interface - only show the tools that you need.
* Beautiful icons and an entirely 'Retina' optimised user interface.
* Detailed help, covering all the functionality of MailRaider Pro, and including useful tips on how to get help on using MailRaider Pro.
* Support for myriad formats:
(Opening only)
.msg (Microsoft Outlook)
.oft (Microsoft Outlook Template file)
winmail.dat (Microsoft TNEF)
(Opening and Saving)
.eml (Microsoft Outlook Express, and others)
.rtf (Microsoft Rich Text Format)
.xml (eXtensible Markup Language)
(Saving only)
.ics (MIME Appointment - for export to Apple Calendar)
.mbox (MIME Mailbox - for saving multiple messages into an Apple Mail folder)
.vcf (MIME Contacts - for export to Apple Contacts)


Release Notes:

Updated with option to preferentially open RTF container instead of HTML. If your email contains non-ascii characters (Cyrillic, Kanji etc) then you should check out this option (in Preferences) to see if it fixes any display issues that you might be experiencing.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.1.5
Review by Bob2733

hallelua MailRaider Pro - this review is from someone who is not tech savvy. ! i had a “professional” transfer my PC over to my new Mac desk top. There were several files that transferred from my home screen that I was not able to open on my mac bc they were .msg form. I called Apple Care and he was able to google my problem and he found MailRaider App and said maybe that would help. I looked into the App, saw 2 versions and not knowing exactly what I needed, I bought the pro version, just a dollar more. i tried agian to open these files and it still didn’t work so I read reviews under the MailRaider App, that is where i found a review that told me i needed to right click on the file I want to view. i went back to the files, right clicked on the ones I wanted to read, then clicked on “open with” which showed a pop up with one of the options being MailReader pro, i clicked on that and voila there was the file i wasn’t able to read for the past 6 months since I’ve had everything transfered over. yeah! Thanks you to Apple Care for helping me find this app, thank you to the person who told me I must right click on the item i wanted to read and finally thank you to mailRaider for creating this App. not sure if i did overkill by downloading the Pro version, but for a dollar difference…who cares!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.0.14
Review by Med Editor

Not adequate for my purposes - This product does not preserve any graphic images in the .msg file--they're just ignored.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people