Mahjong Sudoku

Developer: Shen Zhongyuan

Current Version: 7.0

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Download Size: 12.1 MB - Download


◉Are you still playing Sudoku using boring numbers? Mahjong Sudoku gives you totally new experience.

Thank you for downloading Mahjong Sudoku. By using mahjong tiles, Sudoku becomes more intuitive and addictive.

Functions and Features

◉Three useful modes
◎Solve mode (white color with full size): Fill in answers directly.
◎Note mode (green color with 1/2 size): Take notes temporarily.
◎Try mode (red color with 3/4 size): Have tries tentatively.

By clicking at a cell, a menu will be pop up for you to choose numbers (tiles). By clicking at a different mode icon at the bottom of the menu, you can switch among different modes. After one cell is solved, all impossible "Notes" and "Tries" will be automatically removed.

◉Auto filtering functionality:
Impossible numbers are automatically filtered out. If a number exists at the same row, or at the same column, or at the same block, it will be filtered out and will not be shown at the menu for you to choose.

◉Other features
◎Three levels each for three kinds of tiles
◎Seven different background colors
◎Two mistakes limitation
◎Two hints available
◎Auto save function
◎Coloring and animation
◎Weighted scores based on game levels


Release Notes:

bug fixed!