Magic Icon

Developer: Dante Palacios

Current Version: 1.1.3

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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The problem, to create an icon for OS X you must do something like this…

1.- Create a folder in Finder with the extension "iconset".
2.- Include the image for the icon in 10 resolutions taking into account that the file name must match the size of the image.
3.- Execute the command “iconutil” to join the previous images and…

Even if you use Automator the process is not easy, certainly is not funny, especially if you are designing the icon at the same time.

The solution, Magic Icon.

Magic Icon is an app that allows you to create an OS X icon and/or an icon set from an image.

The idea for this app is pretty simple, a window, an image and voilà an icon!


Release Notes:

We've corrected all reported bugs (till 30/01/2017).
New Icon.