Developer: Mariner Software

Current Version: 6.2

Last Updated: 10 months ago

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"Macworld 2012 Eddy Award Winner"

Eddy Award
Macworld Magazine
January 2013

“MacJournal 6 is hard to beat.”
April 2012"

"MacJournal remains our app of choice for digital diary keeping."
MacUser UK
Jan 2012

Chronicle your memories, your life events and your thoughts with MacJournal 6, the world's most popular journaling app for the Mac. Enrich your journal entries by adding any kind of content - photos, images, files, QuickTime video - even audio. MacJournal 6 adds a Calendar Mode that will show your entries from any journal. Geolocation, Word Count and Progress Tracking features are also new to MacJournal 6. Use MacJournal’s unique Full Screen feature that will provide an undistracted writing landscape for your thoughts. A Timeline Mode has been added to this version to give you the ability to see your writing activity in chronological order. MacJournal 6 introduces an exciting new feature for creating books from journals specially formatted for publishing. Finally, your entries are secure with MacJournal’s two-level security: password protection and AES-256 encryption.

Like to blog? Share your thoughts and events - MacJournal entries can be published to any of the popular blogging services like Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Posterous, and Tumblr.

Whether you keep a personal journal or one for school or business, you can join those who use MacJournal and consider it the most important software on their Mac, iPad or iPhone.

**Sharing data with MacJournal for Mac OS via Dropbox requires MacJournal for Mac OS 6.0.6 or higher. MacJournal for Mac OS 6.0.6 or higher is also recommended for sharing data via wifi sync with. Requires iOS 5.0 or later, iOS 6 or higher is recommended.**


Release Notes:

- Enabled iCloud document sharing
- Improved Journler import
- Fixed WordPress category handling
- Bug fixes and enhancements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.2.8
Review by farleyblake

At long last! - Of all the apps I use - MacJournal is my favorite for so many reasons! And, finally, the folks at Mariner have put it into the MAS. While I still keep a paper journal for my most intimate thoughts (yeah, I know all about the encryption deal - sorry Mariner - call me a skeptic), MacJournal is my 'go to" journaling app for my day-to-day use for work and lengthy personal events. What I love most about it is that I can create as many journals as I need and organize my thoughts just as I need - something my paper journal can't do. I can make my journal entries what I like to call, "media rich" - pics, sounds (I'm a bird watcher) and video - stuff like that helps keep the memory alive for me, especially when I go back to read it. Rumor has it that there's a MacJournal 6.0 out there? Can't wait to see what that's all about. For me, this is a definite 5 star, Star!

Found helpful by 38 out of 43 people
Version 6.0.6
Review by bridger 1

Don't waste your money - After much deliberating I plunked down my hard earned $40.00 and bought this because the interface seemed to be just what I was looking for . With the first few entries it worked great. I was able to add pictures, share, lock the journal, etc. Then , after a week or two it started getting buggy. would not close, had to 'force quit" each time. Screen freezes, stopped asking for password, functionality dropped to zero, crashed, etc. Customer service is great and responds quickly, but can't help this crappy app. I wish I had my $40.00 back!

Found helpful by 37 out of 40 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 6.2
Review by chris28173

I am blown away! Incredible doesn’t even cut it! - I am blown away! I am visually impaired and use the Voiceover accessibility feature both on iOS as well as OSX. In both cases, I have never hardly seen an app that worked so fantastically from an accessibility standpoint. This dev has obviously gone way way out of his/her way to make this app accessible. The interface is absolutely perfect! Considering I have some mental disorders, this app is going to be phenominal for keeping track of my most inner private thoughts. Thank you thank you thank you! You can’t know how long I’ve wanted an app like this! Devs? You all just made my day! Thank you! and God bless!

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 6.2
Review by glassdave

Does not sync to iphone - WHAT GOOD IS IT? You can’t use it on your iphone and laptop!!! Useless.

Found helpful by 2 out of 8 people
Version 6.2
Review by icefrog

Don’t waste your money - I had downloaded the trial version from the website. After seeing that if was $20 less here in the app store I decided to purchase this version. Initially everything worked as expected… Until that is, the second day when I tried to update my journal. No matter what I tried it wouldn’t open my data file. In fact, I couldn’t even get the interface to show unless I made a new document. I wrote the developer, and even sent him the log files but never got any resolution to my problem. Eventually, after trying all the options I could find on his website, I uninstalled it. I’m out $20 and sadder but wiser.

Found helpful by 12 out of 16 people
Version 6.2
Review by dr.shoeshine

Imported blog entries, customer service AWOL: update — Macjournal found my old blog posts! - UPDATED REVIEW: Macjournal 6.2 found the missing blog posts from version 6.1 I talked about in my earlier review! Where were they? … IN THE TRASH. How did I find them? by using “browse backups.” Um … backups are kept in the TRASH? Wow, what a novel concept. I don’t know what they did to update this program, all I know is versions 6.1 couldn’t find those blog posts, or the backups, anywhere on my hard drive. I guess this counts as an improvement, that this program could locate blog posts at all, even though I’m pretty sure I intentionally trashed those copies and they were not “backups" at all. I forgot about this program, because I haven’t used it since 6.1 blew away all imported WordPress blog entries (approximately 500 blog posts from 3 or 4 different blogs). The App Store updated it for me. Thanks for the reminder to delete it from my hard drive. Wish I could give it no stars. EARLIER REVIEW: I opened Macjournal one day and discovered all blog entries imported from WordPress blogs, plus new backgrounds I created, and import droplets, and one new journal entry that was created in Macjournal, were gone. I e-mailed Mariner customer service 3 days ago and have heard nothing except an auto-reply confirming receipt of the e-mail. You’d hope they would at least write back to say they were aware of issues and were working on them. I paid full price for this software through the App Store a few months ago. All I have to say is for once I’m glad I have a lazy streak and didn’t delete blogs on WordPress after importing the entries, or I’d really be out of luck. I do not recommend this software. Even if it's fixed, I doubt I’ll use it.

Found helpful by 10 out of 14 people