MacFamilyTree 7

Developer: Synium Software GmbH

Current Version: 7.6.3

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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MacFamilyTree 7 gives genealogy a facelift: It's modern, interactive, incredibly fast and easy to use. We're convinced that generations of chroniclers would have loved to trade in their genealogy tools for MacFamilyTree 7. MacFamilyTree helps you collect and record facts and data about your family history and turns them into informative reports and charts.

MacFamilyTree 7 comes with countless features to record and visualize your family history - use them to create reports, charts or nifty 3D views within our Virtual Tree feature. MacFamilyTree offers the right solution for all your genealogy needs.

Synchronize your data via iCloud, create webpages or back your research with the help of the gigantic genealogy database „FamilySearch“. You’re an avid genealogist, but you’re always on the go? Not a problem! Simply purchase MobileFamilyTree 7 to use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and your options are virtually endless.

MacFamilyTree 7 - Overview:

- Well arranged, fast and easy to use interface

- FamilySearch: Access the world's largest genealogy archive and its billions of entries. It's completely free to use!

- Interactive Tree: Navigate through your family tree or add persons and events in the very same view

- Create Family Tree Books in no time - gift them for birthdays or weddings or showcase them during your next family reunion

- Use iCloud to keep your devices up to date. If enabled, MacFamilyTree 7’s iCloud feature automatically synchronizes your data on your Mac and your mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Charts, Reports and Views:

- Countless charts and views, such as the Hourglass Chart, Ancestor Chart, Timeline, Double Ancestor Chart, Statistics, Statistic Maps (based on Apple Maps), Fan Chart, Relationship Chart, Genogram Chart or the Virtual Globe.

- Comprehensive report features, such as Person Report, Family Report, Kinship Report, Narrative Report, Places Report, Event Report, Distinctive Persons Report, Birthdays Report, Anniversary Report, List of Persons Report, Marriage List Report and Plausibility Report.

- The Virtual Globe shows how your family has spread out across the world over time

- The Virtual Tree displays a three dimensional view of your family history

- Try our Name Distribution Chart. It shows you the distribution of last names in your family tree and the changes that occurred over time

- Complete support for Retina Display: All charts, reports and views as well as the whole user interface is ready for Retina displays

Additional Features

- Interview contemporary witnesses and save videos or audio footage along with your written records.

- Upload your family tree to Choose between publishing your family tree and keeping it private and password protected - it's all completely free!

- Use Mail, Twitter, Facebook or the Messages app to share your charts and reports with friends and family − right from inside MacFamilyTree

- Use FamilySearch to collaborate with family or millions of other users to create a family tree together

And so much more!


Release Notes:

- Uploading information to FamilySearch fixed
- Localization fixes
- Narrative report fixed


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 7.0.4
Review by TripPati

Excellent - My mother spent years putting together our family's geneology with almost 11,000 persons listed representing 5000 families using 24 sources and it was saved as a .paf file. I could not access the PAF file using PAF software on my mac. I contacted MacFamilyTree to ask if PAF files were supported by MacFamilyTree and they said they weren't, BUT the tech person, Moritz Schwering from the Synium Software Support Team, said he'd be be happy to convert the files for me to gedcom files which can then be imported to MacFamilyTree. I emailed him the PAF file and he emailed me back the converted gedcom file. All of this transpired within one day. I can't praise the support team enough. I am just learning to use the MacFamilyTree and love it. I now have access to my family tree in many graphic formats. It is very intuitive, fun and extremely easy to work with.

Found helpful by 97 out of 98 people
Version 7.3.3
Review by procritic

HUGE GLITCH - If you are migrating from another program, like I am, and are doing it by importing a GEDCOM file, you will have a huge problem. Most other apps use a Place field for where an event occurs. For example, you may have San Jose, Santa Clara, California. That will all be in one field. Unfortunately, this app separates the filed into four fields City, County, State, and Country. You will find the above example that the program will import that as Santa Clara appearing as the State and California as the Country. It doesn’t know the difference. Thousands of my names were imported this way and must be individually changed (thousands!) in order for most of the perks of this software to work (ie maps of all kinds, location data, and even printing up reports!—you name it). It just doesn’t work. And if you have foreign locations, it’s even worse because they don’t have states and counties in many countries. Using ONE field was the standard in all this kind of software in the past. But they realized they didn’t have a good way of looking up locations without the field separation. It makes the app unusable if you want to move from a different app and have done many names as I have. I’m sad I paid for this. Finally, the customer service is awful. I sent messages twice asking for help and the NEVER responded. Instead I got an email saying “thanks for subscribing to our newsletter—great—more spam.

Found helpful by 29 out of 29 people