Developer: Koingo Software, Inc.

Current Version: 5.1.6

Last Updated: 10 months ago

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MacCleanse is a powerful application geared towards purifying your system and reclaiming hard disk space. Fully compatible with the latest version of Mac OS X! In only seconds, it can perform over fifty tasks which could take hours to perform manually. Safely erase caches, empty logs, clear cookies, forget web histories, locate unused and old files, and more. MacCleanse won't miss a thing and could reclaim hundreds of megabytes, if not gigabytes, of storage.

Going above and beyond the call of duty, MacCleanse provides detailed information on each item it cleanses, and can even wipe files with US Department of Defense level security. After a scan is complete, never worry about deleting something automatically by mistake. MacCleanse provides a detailed list of all items it intends to clear before the operation completes, and allows you to uncheck any to leave untouched. Also run it automatically on a weekly schedule with a preset list of items to erase so you won't even have to think about it.

It is an ideal solution when shopping for gifts, cleansing the system after someone else has used it, when preparing to sell your computer, or just for reclaiming wasted disk space. But, most importantly, ensure your personal information is out of reach.

MacCleanse also contains enhanced features for specific applications like Acquisition, Adium, AIM, aMSN, Azureus, Bit Torrent, Colloquy, FireFox 2 & 3, iCab, iChat, ICQ, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, MPlayer, MSN Messenger, Netscape, OmniWeb, Opera, Preview, QuickTime, Safari, Skype, Transmission, Unison, Xtorrent, and Yahoo Messenger. These enhanced features allow you to pick and choose what exactly to remove from the application - be it only auto-fill values from Safari or the recent download history in Xtorrent.


Release Notes:

More fixes for macOS Sierra.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.1.7
Review by danilko1

I already own this product, and paid $2 more in solidarity. - I was a recipient of MacCleans, via the MacUpdate fiasco. Koingo, stepped up to the plate and offered all of us licenses in the end. I haven’t used the product, amazingly, but I am not specifically reviewing the product, but the integrity of the company. I have CleanMyMac, which is also good, and I use that one. I want MacCleans, from the App Store, for one very specific reason. I belive it will do it’s job. I need a product, I can install on demand, and remove, without having to worry about licensing and finding my installer. For me, it’s for jobs to trim the fat and remove, quickly. I appreciate that they have it on the Mac App Store. It does not “have” to be the latest version, but something which needs to work with OS X 6+ and not just Mavericks or Yosemite.

Found helpful by 5 out of 9 people
Version 4.1.7
Review by Mr. Abdullatif

no updates!!! - i’ve purchased this app becuase it’s useful when it comes to clean my mac, unfortunately, it’s a scam in one way or another! i don’t mean the app itself but the awful support, if you want to buy this app keep in mind the following: 1- rare updates or no updates at all. 2- you’ll see updated versions on and on (on the developer website only!!!). 3- they claim that submitting updates to the appstore takes long time (so...) they advise you to convert your license (appstore license) to retail license (off-appstore license) then delete the appstore version and download the website version!!! which is not verified by apple appstore. 4- the most shocking thing, i’ve bought the app recently version 4.1.7, and they have version 5.0 on the website, and found that i have to pay an upgrade fee to get the next version of the app that i bought!!!, we are talking in weeks/months not years!!! if you trust unverified apps, if you don’t care when no updates available for you even if there is one or two updates on the developer website!, or ready to be fooled to pay extra money to get the very next update to the app the you just bought (if this is not extortion then what extortion could be?!), and finally if you are happy with such support ONLY then you can buy it.

Found helpful by 63 out of 68 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.1.6
Review by TheyCallMePanicBaby

Amazing! - My Mac had a virus and this got rid of it. I love this app and I’ll never get rid of it

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 5.1.6
Review by Wayne10

MacCleanse works great! - MacCleanse works great! Its easy to use and it just does the job…and does it well. Try it, you’ll like it.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 5.1.6
Review by Phillyjet

Worth it, but could be better - MacCleanse is definitely worth using to free up space. It is straight forward and has a clean user interface. It’s also very fast. My only complaint is that as in all things technical, even though they try harder than most to provide technical guidance, their explanations are a little lacking for the novice. So when you first start it up, the first step is not obvious. There’s a spinning wheel…is it doing something? Am I supposed to let it configure or configure it myself? Dare I stop it? So far as I can tell the spinning wheel meant nothing. So I hit the configure button and then the scan button and all went smoothly. But the first scan of “what” is just not obvious. Once you do it, of all utility junk files, you get the idea you’re supposed to work your way through all the tabs. But the developers could easily put in a few instructions on the first page. Anyway, it works well, and allows a high degree of user control over the files you want deleted which is great. Highly recommend it.

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Version 5.1.6
Review by PrettySmartAss

Great App - This is the most expensive app I”ve ever bought, but completely worth it. It does an amazing job of cleaning up my files. I’d buy it again.

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