MELS Phonics Phonograms A

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MELS Phonics-44

MELS applies Montessori phonics44 learning system. It is a linguistic informed system. It includes 6 parts: Part 1: 26 letters(18 consonant and 5 vowel sounds), Part 2:Non-phonics sounds; Part 3: combined sounds of CVC words; Part 4:Blending sounds(initial,final, double consonants & digraphs); Part 5:Phonograms A 6:Phonograms B.

In this app, phonograms of “ear”, “eer”, "al", "o_e", "oa", "oe", "ore", "or", "i_e", "ie", "ee", "ea", "ay", "ai", "a_e", "au", "aw", "y" and “igh” will be introduced with different activities.