Developer: Harold Chu

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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✔ Displays the current Chinese Calendar date in your menu bar.
● Date looks like 8月15日.

✔ Convert between Chinese and Western/Gregorian dates.
● Find out your Chinese birthday.
● Were you born in a leap month?
● Find out your grandma's true Gregorian birthday.


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Version 1.0
Review by Bill Bauer

App is perfect, but you need to tell users how to use it! - The App works well — converts Chinese to Western (i.e., USA) calendar dates. However, the instructions for use are inadequate. Please inform users that upon purchase & installation, they will never get an APP as such. Instead, TODAY's CHINESE DATE now appears on the very top menu line of my computer, on the same, very top line as the main Menu that includes the APPLE, App Store, Search icon, etc. Users should be informed that to use this APP, they need to click the spot where TODAY's CHINESE DATE now appears. In turn, the user can convert dates in either direction. :-)

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