Developer: State of Play Games

Current Version: 0.5

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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*** IGF 2012 Finalist: Excellence in Visual Art ***

An illuminating puzzle adventure.

"Undoubtedly one of the most unique-looking games around."

"Charming to the extreme."
Games TM

"The best of point and click gaming... amazing visual presentation."
Jay is Games

"A rare treat. Even Lume’s main menu is more beautiful than most big-budget shooters."

Small and perfectly formed, Lume is the prequel to Lumino City, also available in the App Store.

With a set built entirely out of paper and cardboard, and sumptuously filmed, Lume is a game with a style unlike any other.

Power to your grandad’s house has failed. What’s more, he’s nowhere to be seen. Immerse yourself in Lume’s photoreal world, solve perplexing paper puzzles to help restore the power, and uncover a deeper mystery behind the blackout.

This game forms Part 1 of a larger story. Lumino City continues this story, and if you've enjoyed this introduction please check it out.

PLEASE NOTE: Lume is in English only.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0.5
Review by Dave Hrdlicka

Really? - You can't be serious I just paid 5 bucks for 1 minute of play time. I'm seriously disappointed! Want my money back

Found helpful by 27 out of 47 people

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Version 0.5
Review by B_Nickel

Buy it for the concept - Whether you like the game really depends on how you think of it. If you're rating it as a point-and-click adventure and don't consider anything else, it's short, and the puzzles are nice, but not too hard (well, except for the padlock. Even after I found out the solution, it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me). To be sure, because the game is so limited, it's easy to be sure that you've seen everything there is to see, so the clue must be somewhere out there. That aspect of the game fosters the puzzling aspect and diminishes the "point at every pixel on the screen" aspect aspect. This is all to the good. And yet it's short, and the shape of the solution becomes clear very early on. Not a whole lot of bang for the buck, considerd in this light. But then you can also play it because it's a very specific and unusual aesthetic experience. The mix of real backgrounds and computer animations gives a beautiful texture to the game. One might expect the mix to come close to the uncanny valley, but in point of fact, it feels anything but uncanny. It's a lot of fun to just immerse myself in that environment. Just for that reason, it has a lot of replay value, even if the story-line and puzzles are nothing much, especially after the first time through the game. To focus on story and puzzles is, I think, to miss the point of this "game."

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 0.5
Review by misslolaj

way too short! no wonder it's $4.99! - A visually interesting game with puzzles that are interesting and require some real thinking. but WAY too short! i'm actually a little mad i paid for it. i'm still giving four stars because it is one of the best games i've played in a bit. just wish there was *more.* also, a hint every now and then wouldn't hurt either. :)

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 0.5
Review by thisisjo

Fun and good but too short. - The graphics and the details are beautiful. I enjoyed every part of it. It's a really fun game with good puzzles EXCEPT that it's way too short. I must say not worth 5 dollars unless it is longer.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 0.5
Review by UltimateOwnage

Very Interesting - To give any prospective buyers a more detailed view, please read my short overview/review. This is a point and click style title with some very tough puzzles added in thoughout the experience. The graphics are pre-rendered CG animation movies that play as you click around areas, much like some of the realtime CG events that took place in games like Final Fantasy VII. The gameplay is fluid and challenging (in a good way!), but please understand that this is not a platformer, or an action title in the traditional sense. This is a title that demands patience. I enjoy it so far, however I only have one minor item to mention. The game initially starts in fullscreen mode. However, the graphics only fill a small square region in the middle of the screen, leaving a large black border around them. This is mitigated some by pressing "Esc" and returning to a windowed view. I would enjoy being able to stretch the visuals to fit the screen if possible (though I understand they will lose some definition as a result). I would still find the experience much more pleasing in that format. All in all, a very good title (so far, I have yet to finish it!). However, if you are not into point and click adventure games, and not up for a good brain twisting puzzle, then this might catch you off guard once you get it downloaded.

Found helpful by 40 out of 44 people
Version 0.5
Review by MacKroppa

I REALLY Like, Just Too Short - Amazing and challenging game, I really loved it but very short and unfinished. I'm hoping when the next portion is completed, I won't have to pay again. UPDATE: This game was released/last updated in January of 2012… STILL no updates for an extremely short game play. SUPER DISAPPOINTED.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people