Lost Photos

Developer: MacPhun LLC

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 14.2 MB - Download


Ever sent images via email? Find the lost ones with the Lost Photos. It's a simple and wonderful app that helps you find photos buried deep in your email, so you never lose the memories again. Get it for FREE today.

Lost Photos is the first app that securely scans your email account for every photo you’ve ever sent or received! All photos are downloaded to your computer, making it ultra easy to view them, archive them to permanent storage or even share them again.

In our busy digital lives, photos can represent our most precious moments, and yet are often forgotten as they flow by in an endless digital stream. Install Lost Photos for FREE to access the first 100 photos from your email accounts, then upgrade for a couple of bucks to get unlimited number of photos.


• Easy set-up - just enter your email address and password
• Security - Safely login to your email accounts using the same encryption as Gmail and other providers
• Support for all popular email domains - iCloud, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and many more
• Live Preview - View image thumbnails and save them to your Mac
• Filters - Filter out images of certain filetypes or sizes to ensure you get photos vs. graphic files
• Sharing - Let the world re-discover your images by sharing them on Facebook, Twitter or via email
• Manage - Once you’ve recovered your images, import them into iPhoto or your favorite photo manager for even more sorting, editing and printing options


Lost Photos works with these email services: Gmail/Google Apps, Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, iCloud, MobileMe/.Mac, Ymail, Rocketmail, AT&T, British Telecom Yahoo, Xtra New Zealand. More coming soon.

Lost photos does NOT work with Verizon, SBC, Comcast, BigPond or any other account not specifically listed. We hope to add these services in the near future.


Lost Photos takes your privacy seriously. Lost Photos does not collect or store your login information and does not communicate information from your email to any outside server. Additionally, Lost Photos transmits data to and from email servers using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) Cryptographic protocol.


Release Notes:

• Lost Photos now supports iCloud and Hotmail emails
• Improved image search algorithm and updated security settings - searching for images in Lost Photos is as secure as logging-in your iCloud, Gmail or Yahoo email account
• New in-app purchase - upgrade to 500 photos or unlimited photos
• Improved performance with other emails and minor bug fixes
• Improved export to iPhoto
• Minor UI improvements and changes
• Improved performance with Mavericks OS


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by MrsCD707

AMAZING! - I've had so many laptops and PC's die or disappear …and have lost precious baby photos's of my wedding and baby pictures of my son lost. Also an on-going law suit for my husbands motorcycle accident photos as well… WAS suffering because we couldnt find the images after the fire! Now we have them again! Plus I'm still in shock an app does what it says its going to do! I saw this app and thought "yeah sure okay…" sure enough the wedding photos family took and the accident photos! I have them again! Thanks again!

Found helpful by 23 out of 26 people
Version 2.0
Review by DOS_Man

Doesn’t work with Apple Mail! - Works just fine with my gmail account, but 90% of my emails with pictures are in my Apple Mail account and it won’t work with it. Seems unbelievable that an Apple Mac app won’t work with Apple Mail? It’s worth the money, if it works with your email client. You would think there shouldn’t be any trouble going through the emails on my computer the same way it does with a cloud account.

Found helpful by 17 out of 22 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0
Review by ifoundmyself

Really neat - I liked seeing my old photos and some new ones. I have them all in one place on my computer, I guess I have to do something with them next or maybe not. I like thinking that my email is a backup for many of my photos, I can get them again if I lose these. Would like to see support for more email types someday

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 2.0
Review by queenfan66

This app is a lifesaver! - I have had my email for around 15 years, and I have recieved countless pictures of my grandchildren in it, and over time it just becomes impossible to find them. When I heard of Lost Photos, I was amazed, and it is as good as it seems! I have found countless images in my inbox I thought were lost to the sands of time. I seriously cannot thank the developers of this app enough. The app is dead simple to use, as I do not know anything about computers, all you do is log into your email and it gets to work, and does not stop until finds all of the pictures. I would absolutely reccomend this app to someone else, it works phenomenally, it is dead simple, and it can help you relive your memories you though were lost forever.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 2.0
Review by Squeaky Klean

neat but - In my humble opinion 100 iphotos and a sales pitch for In App Purchase sucks….I love the idea but In App is crappy bait and switch…I don’t blame the devs - apple should let folks put apps up for 25 cents or 50 cents…which is what this app is worth...

Found helpful by 6 out of 12 people
Version 2.0
Review by lovephotos1987

Awesome App! - Lost Photos is incredibly quick and simple to use. Uploading the photos from my multiple email address was seamless and I found old photos that I totally forgot about. It was very nostalgic and brought back some great memories!

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 2.0
Review by driveit

fanastic - great interface, super easy to use, and I found a ton of photos in my email that i had completely forgotten about. excellent app.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people