Developer: HEINZ GOETZ

Current Version: 1.6

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Loopster plays back audio files and lets you change the playback speed indepently from pitch and vice versa.

And what makes Loopster so different from other tempo change and pitch transpose Apps?
While you practice your songs or transcribe them, you operate Loopster easily with single key touches on your keyboard. No mouse, scrolling sliders, you do everything with the touch of one finger.
The author himself is musician and created this app for his own and all practicing musician's needs. Its great looking and easy to understand interface is the difference and this is what gives you more practicing fun.

Transpose songs in up to 12 halftone steps up or down without affecting the playback speed.

Tune Songs in steps of one hundreth of a halftone to match your instruments pitch.

Change playback speed without affecting the pitch.
Of course, you can also change both tempo and pitch simutaneously.

Manage you songs in playlists.
Store and easily recall up to 10 loops and locators per song using the number buttons of your keyboard.

Intuitively use the keyboard keys indicated on buttons and get easy and fast access to all functions.

Modify any value (e.g. speed, pitch, loop in and loop out position) with the arrow keys of your keyboard. This will make your practicing, rehearsing or transcribing experience much more comfortable.

Manage songs of different bands or projects in playlists.

Your Loops, Locators, Songs and Playlists are stored automatically when you create them.


Release Notes:

New Feature: open songs from any location on your Mac, even removable drives or network drives.
Bug fixes and stability improvements:
Fixed crashes when opening unsupported file formats.
Loop or locator selection is preserved when switching between loop and locator mode.
Fixed loop or locator selection issue after creating loops and locators.
Some minor fixes and improvements.
Please contact us, if you have questions, issues or suggestions ([email protected]). This helps to improve Loopster.
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What other users say:
From Canada:
I can’t live without this tool now! I’ve been using this tool for quite a while and I can say that Loopster is a must for guitar players or any musician. Once you learn the interface, using it is a breeze and you realize that it is well done. As the developer claims, you will use it mostly with your keyboard I haven’t found a glitch or bug, it seems rock solid and commercial quality. On a Macbook pro I can slow down songs up to about 20% and clearly uderstand the parts. You define portion(s) of the song you want “loop” (e.g. solo in a song) and also define “locations” that allow you to quickly jump to parts of the song, Obviosly all this while slowing down the playback of those portions without affecting the pitch (which you can also change it if you want too). And the best part is that once you define these settings, they stay. So I can define the portions I want to learn in a song (mostly solos and complicated riffs) and the settings will be there next time I use the tool. I can only say good things about this program, and would gladly pay $ for it again. I wish something like this is available in iOS.
From Netherlands:
This is really useful for musicians of any level and saves a lot of time fiddling around finding and repeating the parts of a recording that needs practising. The one-key commands are quite intuitive and much easier in daily use than navigating with a mouse or trackpad. The tempo and pitch shifters are accurate and deliver only very little distortion; much better than other programs I have used. Although there seems to be a bug with long audio files loosing the loop markers after reload, but after contacting the author I'm confident that this will be solved in a future version. Without the bug I would give five stars. But anyway, this app is very good bang for the buck. You won't be disappointed.
South Africa:
Great app for musicians for learning songs, very affordable and quick and easy to learn how it works. I have tried a lot of looping apps and this one works great because it has all the fundementals in place in an easily accessable format. the fact that you can operate most functions from the keyboard is the best thing ever!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by zoe203203

works fine! - I took a risk buying this due to the bad reviews, but it does exactly what it says! Most software that changes speed without changing pitch is kinda expensive so this was actually a great deal!

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by Tobias Sebastien

Don't waste your money! - This Software is absolutely useless - don't waste your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found helpful by 1 out of 5 people