LookTel Money Reader

Developer: IPPLEX

Current Version: 2.2

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 4.5 MB - Download


LookTel Money Reader instantly recognizes currency and speaks the denomination, enabling people with visual impairments or blindness to quickly and easily identify and count bills. Simply hold a bill in front of your Mac’s camera and the application will tell you the denomination in real-time. Several currencies are supported including the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, and Australian Dollar.

Featuring LookTel’s patented and proprietary object recognition technology, LookTel Money Reader makes it as easy to recognize bills as possible. There’s no need to capture a photo and wait for a result – recognition happens instantly, and in real-time. Additionally, the app does not require any internet connection, which means it can read money quickly at any location, anytime.

LookTel Money Reader is a helpful assistant that’s simple and easy to use. Use the application to quickly and easily sort money with total independence.

LookTel Money Reader provides Voice Over support for several languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Greek, Hungarian, and Mandarin.

Note: LookTel Money Reader requires an environment with plenty of light.

Disclaimer: This app should not be used to detect counterfeit currency or be solely relied upon for money identification.


Release Notes:

- Performance update improving the speed and accuracy of recognition
- Light sensor notifies users of inadequate lighting situations
- Larger numbers displayed on screen


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Version 2.2
Review by Maude32252

iPhone app? - I actually bought this app so I could use it with my iPhone which I would be taking with me when I go grocery shopping and apparently it only works on a computer hahaha well I can’t take my 27 iMac with me to the grocery store hahaha so now what can I do to get this app for my iPhone?

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