Developer: DesignWorks Solutions Inc

Current Version: 4.7.9

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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LogicWorks teaches the concepts of digital electronics through experimentation. The integrated schematic entry and simulation software was designed specifically for educational use and can be applied in minutes. Probes, displays, and switches are placed right on the circuit diagram, and operate the circuit just as if it were on a real breadboard in front of the user. Upon naming the signal lines, the timing relationships are displayed instantly in the timing diagram window. Teachers can demonstrate the effect of making or breaking connections, changing clock rates, or increasing device delays. Simple to complex logic circuits can be created and tested. LogicWorks is used by top universities around the world to teach digital logic.

LogicWorks is upwardly compatible with the professional package, DesignWorks. This means that students can use their own copy of LogicWorks on their home computer and then bring designs in to the more powerful DesignWorks package in the lab for integration, analysis and testing.


Release Notes:

Fixed problem with tool palette that occurred under OS X 10.12.5.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.6.7
Review by Duke_TC

Great Application (and excellent support) - I purchased this app, because I wanted to play around with circuits... I had recently fixed my television (Samsung LCD Capacitor problem) and wanted to learn in a virtual environment how things worked. So I ponied up for this application. Initially I had a problem with the application (from the start, similar to Chris Taylor ) and based on the long track record of the company, I knew "something was afoul with the App Store... it must be... I put on my QA hat and contacted support. After speaking with the developer (now that is support), I was immediately sent a fix to the problem. The developer's follow-up comments were that a bug was introduced to the codeline when changes were made to accomodate support for the App Store. A new version is under review (as per SOP for Apple) and it has ~ 8 days before it is released. Give the app a shot... I love it and have found it extremely usefull (especially for a newb in EE).

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Version 4.7
Review by Notorious H.I.G.

very dissapointed - I started playing around with different simulations and all the sudden it froze up on me and I havent been able to do anything with it since. (I have had the program for less than a week and used it for only two days) Something needs to be done wheather it is a full refund or getting the program to work the right way and not be frozen every time I try to open it.

Found helpful by 23 out of 24 people