Developer: 2K Yachting

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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"Logbuch" is a user-optimised logbook software developed from sailors for sailors.
This is the German edition of the software. To find the new English edition, please search for "Logbook" from 2K Yachting.

You can use "Logbook" similar to the logbook on paper you are familiar with by typing in the nautical information during the journey. It is up to you how often and how detailed you type in your information. "Logbook" provides a page for the nautical information and a second page for weather dates, the technical notes as well as one for your personal diary with photos every day.

The advantage using "Logbook" than a logbook on paper is the automatic analysis of your notes. Using the legs and the overview you can automatically get all relevant notes and totals as well as mean values - both for every day, for a whole trip and also for all entries in your "Logbook".

We have also created a special view where you can put in detailed information of your yacht. This makes it easier to find all important information if needed.

Of course your "Logbook" can be printed. Hence you can make a printed "Logbook" for you and your crew to keep the trip in memory.


Release Notes:

• Tool for calculating of the average fuel consumption
• daily calculation of the remaining engine reach
• entry field for water temperature
• input of engine revolution
• export function
• as well as various smaller improvements