LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite

Developer: Romain Piveteau

Current Version: 2.5.18

Last Updated: 4 months ago

Download Size: 8.2 MB - Download


A simple and powerful photo editor for the Mac.

It is based on non destructive layers and filters. The layers are at the left and the filters are at the right of the window. To edit a photo, just drag it into the window (or layers’ list) and it will be added as a new layer. LiveQuartz supports Gestures (Multi-Touch) and fully supports Retina Display.


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“As a product manager I constantly need to communicate my ideas visually but I lack the time, attention and motivation to learn something like Photoshop. I downloaded LiveQuartz Lite and was manipualting images and creating new content within minutes. I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on the upgrade to the Unlimited version and more than happy that I did. I’ve since encouraged my non technical friends and my kids to use it and have seen the same results.Highly recommended.” - BobKattt (2.3.2)

“I enjoy Mac style Apps because they make artistic sense to me. I like to have as little math, tangent calculations, and non creative tasks involved  when I am creating artwork and graphic design projects. With LiveQuartz, pencils act like pencils, and brushes brush. Actions are smooth and simple as putting a pen to paper. The layers behave magically and the various composites and photo effects are fluid and intuitive. Each time I use this program, I find new tools and combinations that help add to the fun of creating. Great program.” - Phil Seymour (2.0.3)


LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite can export or print one image per day (export, share, cut, copy, drag and drop, print). You can remove this limitation by upgrading to the Unlimited Version and fully enjoy the application.
You can use the app without this limitation the very first day after first launch.


- Does the app still provides function after first day of use?

Yes, after the first day of use, if you have not bought the unlimited version, you will be able to use the app and save your documents to native format (RHIF) without limitation but you will only be able to export one final image per day (file export or cut or copy or drag and drop or print or share). When the limit of one export per day is reached, the « export » menu item will be named « export (BUY) ».

- What is the difference between Export and Save?
Export will produce a standard image file (like JPEG or PNG) by merging all layers and filters.
Save will write to disk the current state of the multi layer image document in App native RHIF format.

- How can I unlock access of exportation features?

By selecting « LiveQuartz Unlimited... » in « LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite » menu, an alert will explain the limitation (like the first time you have launched the app) and propose 3 buttons: stay with the free version, restore unlimited version or buy the unlimited version.

- How do I know that my LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite app is in Unlimited mode?

When the LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite is in unlimited mode, it continues to be named «LiveQuartz Photo Edit Lite» but by opening the "About ..." window, you will see "LiveQuartz Unlimited" instead of "LiveQuartz Lite".


• "Layer moving tool"
• "Brush"
• "Duplication tool"
• "Drawing tools" (lines, rectangles, rounded corners rectangles, ovals)
• "Gradient tools"
• "Rich Text tool"
• "Eraser tool"
• "Background eraser tool"
• "Filter effect tool"
• "Color Picker tool"
• "Rectangle Selection tool"
• "Ellipse Selection tool"
• "Lasso / Polygonal lasso tool"
• "Magnifying glass"


• Native non destructive format : rhif (RHapsoft Image Format, sqlite based)

• Read / Export formats : pdf, png, jpeg, jpeg2000, tiff, tga, gif, bmp, OpenEXR

• Read only formats :
raw, photoshop (merged layers), icns, sgi, Windows ico, Windows cursor, FlashPix, MacPaint, QuickTime Import Format, Radiance, XWindow bitmap


Standard Core Image Filters + Shadow filter + "Flip" geometry filter


Release Notes:

- The first day of use is unlimited. After the first day, you get one export per day limitation if you don’t buy LiveQuartz Unlimited in the app. (cf description for details)
- LiveQuartz now better supports macOS High Sierra.
- LiveQuartz can open HEIC image files
Note: If you are using macOS 10.13 or 10.13.1, please upgrage your system to macOS 10.13.2 as issues with brush, duplication and eraser tools have been fixed by Apple in this update.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2.9
Review by Homerrat

KitKat Live Quartz….. - I downloaded the lite version and found it very easy working on Maverick….beautiful results.. So I decided to download the Live Quartz Unlimited version and found it to be an easy app to work with different designs for scrapbooking, journaling and anything you would like to design. I recommend this app for anyone interested in designing…..

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 2.5.12
Review by Vegassteve

Be prepared to BUY this if you plan on exporting or print more than 1 image a day - clunky interface and basically forces you to wait a day if you export or print more than one image per day if you use the free version……don’t make a mistake you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to export or print it.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.5.18
Review by the_real_nikster

Awesome and simple!! - First impression: - I tried doing what I wanted to do - It worked - I was done with my task inside of 30 seconds of starting the app - Exported image and done I then purchased the unlimited version - this is the app I need for simple image manipulation tasks. It doesn’t go full Photoshop on me (how the hell do I do anything?), and it’s $7. Want to assemble / resize./ collage some images? It takes seconds. This is how it should be. It took me longer to read the reviews of all the other apps on the app store, than it took me to get some actual work done with this app! Absolutely love it. As an aside, I tried the same task above in a competing app, and was unable to do it. Kudos to the developer, you rock.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people