Live Dock Weather

Developer: Raj Kumar Shaw

Current Version: 3.5

Last Updated: 28 days ago

Download Size: 18.1 MB - Download


Ok! So you are looking for that one stop perfect weather app that allows you to build a presentation of "Your" weather the way you want it. Well Live Dock Weather just set a new standard in making users feel right at home with their weather needs. iLifeTouch is listening! If we missed something tell us . We well try our best to add features.

The app has no set-up instructions. The idea behind this was if we need instructions the app is already way too complicated to use. Please feel free to click and try all the features the app provides.

Weather on your dock ! How cool is that ! Live Dock Weather is the simplest way to be in constant contact with live weather 24/7 without even opening up an application.

You can also load your desktop with two different types of sizeable and movable weather displays that are simply a blue colored plus button click away, enabling you to access up to date 24 hour accurate weather. This will be your quick source for live weather making Live Dock Weather one of your most used apps.

Features Include

+ 151 000 world cities including 44 000 US Zip codes
+ Current weather conditions and temperatures
+ Weather is just a click away
+ Two desktop choices of weather displays
+ Multiple cities displayed at the same time
+ Weather is updated every 15 minutes
+ Status Bar displays current weather conditions
+ Quick reference of live local weather on the dock
+ 24 hour forecast
+ Dramatic organized graphics showing current weather
+ Current time, date, humidity, temperature
+ Live updates on the 15
+ Voice forecast
+ +++++ this app is loaded with features

In the tradition of iLifeTouch we make apps that make your life easier one day at a time! LifeTouch is listening! If we missed something tell us . We well try our best to add features. Enjoy


Release Notes:

+ Crash issues are fixed.
+ Weather data loading time improved.
+ UI improvements.
+ Other minor issues fixes.
+ Improved version.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.1.0
Review by Dr Tim PhD

Does what I need - Actually, a complicated instruction manual might have been a bit handy, but I did figure it out. I just wanted a simple weather display I could put in the lower right corner of my screen. It’s amazing how many weather programs do not offer such a simple feature. But I also like that I can get a more complex weather view just by clicking a button. I also compared it to various weather sites and found it to be pretty accurate. Works for me!

Found helpful by 11 out of 11 people
Version 0
Review by wethackrey

Too buggy to be useful - The app gets might be a five start app, if it actually worked correctly. As it is in version 1.9 running under Lion, it's just too riddled with bugs to be useful. A few of the issues: 1) It doesn't handle Desktops correctly. 2) Location names are randomly munged up in the desktop icons. 3) Clicking on the magnifying glass in the weather icon for one location always returns a zoomed view of the current location, rather than the one you clicked on. 4) The menu icon expands into a window at a fixed location at the top of the screen. This is only useful if you have "Always on top" selected. Otherwise it interferes with other apps that have windows in that area… and you ALWAYS have something at the top of the screen. I do realize this is an inexpensive app, but it was wasted money to me. I've uninstalled it. I'd rather pay more and have it actually, you know, work.

Found helpful by 6 out of 8 people