Listaway: To-Do List, Task Manager & Reminders

Developer: kosapp

Current Version: 1.2.0

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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Listaway: To-Do List, Task Manager & Reminders is an outstanding planner app that helps you organize your life on your terms.

Main Features:
• Create lists
• Add tasks and errands for todo lists
• Add subtasks to tasks
• Schedule reminders
• Sync tasks across multiple devices through iCloud

What you can assign and add to your lists are,
• A list title
• A due date (useful for shopping and grocery lists, home, school, work, chores, errands and when all the list items are due the same day)
• Color coded priority
• Checklist style tasks, errands, to-dos, items etc.

Tasks, errands, to-dos, items can have
• A title
• Subtasks
• Files
• Notes
• Priority that is represented with 18 different colors and numbers
• Due date and time that can be assigned with a monthly calendar view
• Task repeating with detailed options (daily, weekly, on specific days etc.)
• Reminder with different sound and repeat options
• A price
• An amount
• A phone number
• An email address
• An address
• A url
• A star that can define a task as important

Some other features:
• Backup your lists to your iCloud and device
• Reordering tasks by due date and time, alphabetically, priority, starred
• Reordering tasks, subtasks and lists manually with drag and drop feature
• Sorting lists by priority, due date, alphabetically and manually
• Moving tasks between lists
• A view for all active alerts
• A recycle bin to keep inactive lists and tasks
• An archive for completed tasks
• Creating duplicate lists (helpful for grocery lists)
• Printing & emailing lists
• Searching tasks, reminders, errands, chores, to dos and alerts
• Assigning badge app icon notification to notify specific tasks or lists
• Customizable app appearance with different backgrounds


Release Notes:

- General improvements


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.2.0
Review by fwoomp

not very keyboardy, but seems nice - The arrow key shortcuts make absolutely NO sense at all. The up arrow selects the bottom item, and the down arrow selects the top item, and that’s it. WUT. On the right side, once I somehow get there via keyboard, I can’t just navigate up and down and then drill down on a specific task/item. It just immediately opens up either the top item or the bottom item. That’s very weird. For even more weirdness, hitting most any other key just opens up the first or last item. There is no search shortcut and hardly any coherent keyboard navigation, but as long as you just click around, it seems to be ok. It’s attractive, too. For a paid app, I expect a bit more polish. PLEASE give a lot more thought to the keyboard shortcuts!!! This app could easily rate 4 or 5 stars from the looks of it.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people