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Developer: The Liquid Information Company Limited

Current Version: 1.0.1

Last Updated: 9 days ago

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The Liquid | Author word processor provides a minimalist visual environment with powerful controls:

• Fast Keyboard Shortcuts

ESC to go into *and* out of full screen, which seems like a detail but is very helpful when going between focused writing and interacting with many documents. All commands have easy to remember keyboard shortcuts and you can ctrl-click on text to check what options are available, such as cmd-1 to make turn the text into a top level heading and cmd-t to cite a reference and so on.

• Read & Edit Modes

Specific commands for each mode, including spacebar in Read mode for screen down and spacebar when you have selected text for the text to be read out loud and the ability to see video citations playing directly in Author.

• Rich & Quick Citations

You can quickly and easily assign citations to your text which the reader can instantly verify and check in-context to be more persuaded as to the veracity of your claims. Book, Web and Video Citations supported.

• Automatic Table of Contents

Pinch to collapse the documents to only see the headings. Click on a heading to jump or click outside or ESC to return to main body. This way you can always instantly see an overview of your work means your writing can be better organised into clear structures. This is one of those features which seem ‘neat’ when trying the first time but which quickly becomes invaluable over time.

• Quick Find

Helps you get to grips with larger documents. Select text and cmd-f and the view of the document instantly changes to show only sentences which includes the selected text. Click on a sentence to jump to that section or click outside to return to main body. If you do not select text cmd-f functions as normal, prompting you to enter text.

 • Integrated with Liquid | Flow

Liquid | Flow is a powerful text interaction tool which lets you check your information in a fraction of a second: Select any text in any application and with a quick keyboard shortcut search, look up references, translate, share and much more:

• Export

Export to PDF, RTF and .DOC with automatic generation of a References section at the end for your citations.

• Support

Author includes an Interactive Introduction available in the Help menu which I would very much like to suggest you have a look at, since Author does quite a few things a bit differently from what you might be used to and quite a few features are not immediately apparent until you see them

Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions and of course, bug reports:

[email protected]
Skype: datasurge

Author is a product of passion for the possibilities of interactive text - this is just the start. For more information please visit

Frode Hegland,


Release Notes:

Minor bug fixes.