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Developer: The Liquid Information Company Limited

Current Version: 1.4

Last Updated: 14 days ago

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The Liquid | Author word processor provides a minimalist visual environment with powerful controls:

• Automatic Outline. Pinch to collapse the text using your trackpad to see just the Headings and then click in the left hand margin to re-arrange the Headings at will.

• Quick Citation Creation. Select text and cmd-t to add citations for academic papers, books, web and even live video.

• Quick Citation Check. Click to see the source, including having video citations play inside Author, from the moment cited.

• Export to Plain Text, RTF & Word with automatic appending of citations in References at the end of the document.

• Instant Find with cmd-f on selected text changes the document to only show sentences with the selected for text.

• ‘About This Document’ is on the flip side which the user can get to by doing two finger swipe horizontally. This view is what documents which cite this document will use.

• ESC to go into *and* out of full screen, which seems like a detail but is very helpful when going between focused writing and interacting with many documents. All commands have easy to remember keyboard shortcuts and you can ctrl-click on text to check what options are available, such as cmd-1 to make turn the text into a top level heading and cmd-t to cite a reference and so on.

• Reading/Edit Modes for specific interactions to make both modes more powerful and pleasant, such as spacebar to move down a screen in Read mode.

cmd- / cmd+ to scale all the text. User cannot change colour or size of specific text in Author, only bold and italic, since Author is a writing application, not a layout application so therefore gives the user less things to unproductively feel with when they write and edit.

• Modern Architecture including auto saving and everything else you would expect from a modern, native macOS application including iCloud Drive (sync with Author iOS in the future).

• Warm background to reduce eye strain. Note that in full screen mode your eyes will quite quickly adjust to the cast so you will enjoy the benefit without really noticing anything different.

• Integrated Liquid for advanced text interaction in Author and in all your Mac applications, including Search, References and Share to WordPress and Medium. This is a separate download, please click on ‘Liquid’ in the list on the right here in the App Store.

• Support. Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions and of course, bug reports directly to me: [email protected] or Author is a product of passion for the possibilities of interactive text - this is just the start. For more information please visit

Frode Hegland,


Release Notes:

Bug fixes and interaction improvements.


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Version 1.4
Review by Politiscopes

Writer - I am an avid writer of both creative and critical works and this app makes my life easier. The ability to collapse paragraphs to get an overview of the project is invaluable. It’s also visually clean and has a great interface. Love it.

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