Lightning Web Browser

Developer: John Holdsworth

Current Version: 3.2

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 2.1 MB - Download


Lightning is a minimalist web browser designed with one thing in mind - speed of search. An order of magnitude smaller than other browsers, Lightning loads in less than a second and is ready to use straight away. Enable the "Lightning Lookup" service and search on selected text from any application in an instant by typing command-@.

Based on Webkit (the already fast core of the Safari and Chrome browsers), instead of unloading browsed pages as you navigate, Lightning keeps a buffer of many WebBrowser objects in memory. This allows you to return back to a previously viewed page instantaneously without having to wait for it to reload. This optimisation makes a huge difference to speed of navigation.

URL's (starting with http://) or search items can be selected or entered into the address bar. For search terms, select the site you wish use as a search engine on the popup list at the left hand side.

Other features include:
* History and Bookmarks are HTML pages containing an (optional) snapshot of the page when it was last viewed.
* The Bookmarks page is WSYWIG editable to "arrange" them and can be used as your home page. Use the “Manage/Save Bookmarks" menu item to make your changes permanent.
* Preloads next page off-screen when you hover over a link.
* Page by Page control over Flash content and cookies.
* All the usual trackpad gestures including zoom supported.
* To close a tab or remove a bookmark tap it's icon.
* Full Spelling/Grammar checking available via edit menu.
* As a final boost to initial page load try Google DNS on or

Lightning may not be the most refined browser on the internet but from the look of the reviews it may just be the fastest! Give it a try.


Release Notes:

Updated for Yosemite.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.0
Review by Importlvr

good app - this is extremely fast and does exactly what it says it does

Found helpful by 6 out of 11 people
Version 1.0.0
Review by Tome Loc

looks like someone learning how to use the webkit frameworks. - The browser looks like the developer was learning how to use the WebKit frameworks with xcode and posted this. • no bookmarks • no history control • no cookie controls really lame

Found helpful by 5 out of 11 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.2
Review by TANGOdiscovery Arizona

Great lightweight browser - Exactly as represented, a super fast browser. Love it!

Found helpful by 6 out of 8 people
Version 3.2
Review by Danx35

Horrible - 75 % of the pages that I zoom in on either shoot all the way to the left or to the right. I log onto Facebook and the same thing when I use zoom, all the way to the left or right but, it stays small either way. When i go to click on the home page it keeps me on the FB search engine. I know it wasn’t breaking the bank when I purchased this but, this is absolutely horrible. You would think they would at least have a zoom level saver so you wouldn’t have to use it on every page. Bottom line, this product stinks and I requested a refund.

Found helpful by 3 out of 5 people
Version 3.2
Review by mjbf1

Great Browser - If you like Mozilla on the PC you’ll like this browser on the MAC. No bells and whistle and works as advertised.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 3.2
Review by life novice

Wow - I was having some unknown trouble opening Safari on my MacBook pro. I downloaded this and it opened nearly instantly. VERY similar to Firefox as another reviewed said. Simple and straight forward, simple toolbar outline. Fantastic and fast browser!

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people