Developer: Pretty-Function

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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LettersJam was inspired by the SBS TV's Letters and Numbers Quiz Show (in Australia), in which two contestants try to find the longest word possible from nine randomly chosen letters consisting of a predetermined number of consonants and vowels.

As a bonus, to help you learn new words, LettersJam also makes it possible to look up the meanings of randomly chosen words.

It can also speak words in a variety of speech voices.

LettersJam will make a great tool for those teaching or learning the English Language; also for those wanting to learn new words.

It comes with a default (built-in) dictionary but you can choose to use your own dictionary if you want. (A dictionary is just a list of words; it can be downloaded from a Mac or from a Website.)


Release Notes:

- New look UI
- Automatic dictionary look up
- Speech voice selection
- On the fly dictionary creation by harvesting words from websites