Legal Cite

Developer: Theodore Sandler

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 5 months ago

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The app that every law student has been waiting for! Legal Cite generates Bluebook formatted court case citations. Citations can be copied and pasted into documents, making it far simpler to format legal citations in memoranda, briefs, and legal opinions.*

Federal Courts
-U.S. Supreme Court
-Circuit Courts, including D.C. Circuit and Federal Circuit
-District Courts
-Bankruptcy Courts
-Bankruptcy Appellate Panels

State Courts
-State High Courts
-State Appellate Courts covered by Bluebook
-Many lower courts covered by Bluebook

Includes old reporters

All citations formatted in Bluebook format.*

The user inputs party names, volume number, page number (including optional pin cite range), and year. The user then selects jurisdiction, court level, state (for federal district and bankruptcy), court name, and reporter name. The app then produces a formatted Bluebook citation that can be copied and pasted.

*We do no guarantee the accuracy of the formatting, abbreviations, court names, reporter names, or any other information produced in this app.


Release Notes:

Better user experience, including ability to extend full and short citation fields
Allows for single party cases, e.g. In re Gregory, 316 B.R. 82, 95–97 (Bankr. W.D. Mich. 2004)
Improves old reporter citations, including optional old volume number replacement