Legacy Comics 1

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Legacy Comics 1

Relive the golden days of comic books with Legacy Comics 1. For people who are interested in comics, original super heroes, fighting the Axis Powers, and history of comics.
Legacy Comics 1 contains:-
1- The Flag. Originally published in 1941.
2- Stardust the Super Wizard. Originally published in 1939.
3- Over 250 pages of comics.


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Version 1
Review by Stop Askin fer a Nickname

interesting pre-WWII comics - This is a collection of two comics, The Flag and The Stardust, from the late 1930s and early 1940s. The Flag is especially interesting, and I haven't run across it before. It's a comic written by morons for morons, yet it is fascinating. The main character, The Flag, is adopted by a flag-maker named Old Glory. One night, the ghosts of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln give The Flag super-powers, so he can combat America's enemies. Old Glory makes him a uniform out of flags, then he zooms off like a Superman clone, leaving a jet trail of stars and stripes. Soon, he discovers that America is filled with Nazi spies, etc. It's as bad as it sounds, and as interesting. The other comic is Fletcher Hanks' Stardust, which is super fascinating but more widely known. Fun stuff, violent, weird, and creative as hell. Nicely scanned. The only problems were that one of The Flag comics was repeated, and some of the frames were differently sized. I hope someone offers more of this kind of thing in the future. Hard-copies of this kind of thing are way overpriced.

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