Learning Geometry

Developer: Jason Stafford

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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This is a Excellent Application on Learning Geometry From Beginner to Expert, Includes Video Training Course and Practice Exam.


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Version 1.0
Review by Flodough

Terrible beginning - I watched a few minutes of this and threw up my hands. It doesn’t appear very well-thought-out for this medium. It was more like classroom instruction where few media tools are available. Why write things out long-hand, trusting the viewer’s ability (and willingness) to decipher your idiosyncratic handwriting (viz, that “y" turned on its side.)? I’m looking for an instructional design that doesn’t appeal only to my intellect but also to my senses and my sense of wonder and delight. Circles and rectangles are beautiful, and geometric concepts are practically holy—just ask the ancient Greeks and the artists of the Renaissance!

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