Learn Excel

Developer: Sprockit Apps

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Learn Excel will help you master creating and using Spreadsheets using Excel included with Microsoft Office for Mac. Includes 25 tutorial videos, booklets, and ability to save notes.

Video topics included:
- Creating your first spreadsheet using Excel
- Visualizing data with Pie Charts
- Using Formulas
- Basic Spreadsheets and totals
- Importing text files and comma delimited files
- Pivot Tables
- Doing statistics like standard deviation
- IF and IF ELSE statements
- Adding line/bar charts to your spreadsheet
- VLookup function
- Creating popup lists
- Creating Tables
- Making headers look nice with color and formatting
- Using Formulas
- Copying rows and columns
- Sorting horizontally
- HLookUp
- The Count Function
- Date/Time data
- Locking cells
- Conditional formatting
- Named formulas
- Math formulas
- Cell Ranges

Are you a beginner who needs help learning how to use Excel, or trying to get back up to speed? If so this app is for you. Save time and be more productive by learning the basics of setting up and using spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel for the Mac.