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Current Version: 1.05

Last Updated: 7 months ago

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Leafnote is a minimal text editor with a twist: the ability to keep multiple documents together as a single project (as seen in popular writing app Scrivener), organized in an easy-to-rearrange tree.

It's a simple system that turns out to be extremely handy. Use it for projects large and small; write a whole novel scene-by-scene, or just keep notes and scraps of ideas together in a single project so you can actually find them later. Make one project for blog posts and another for journal entries. Keep lists of recipes, organize travel plans, and prepare marketing text like the pitch you’re reading right now. Collect your thoughts. Draft and re-draft important, terrifying e-mails. Leafnote’s for everything.

If you're working on a large document like a thesis or a novel, you can break it into manageable chunks. Rearrange sections, duplicate a scene or even a group of scenes and try drafts side-by-side, keep project notes right next to your finished text, and more. Get messy. Leafnote lets you combine nodes and export them as a single finished document when you’re done.


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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.02
Review by never sleep again

Perfectly simple. - It's basically TextEdit with a tree for keeping lots of documents/ideas together. Goodbye, hundred small text files everywhere.

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 1.05
Review by Me, damnit.

Needs SERIOUS Work - Read the rest if you want to see why I’m reducing my rating from my earlier 3 to a 1. I got this program for organizing information files I keep. And I do like the organizational capabilities. But then I have to output them consolidated into single files… and this app claimed it could output to RTF format. Well… it does. Very, very badly. These are the things I had to do MANUALLY before I had a readable document: 1) Change the font in the document to Lucida Grande. 2) Remove all the foreign non-Latin characters which somehow got in there (there were a lot). 3) Remove the underline from every underlined bit of text, and re-underline it, because the underlines went all the way to the right-hand edge of the page. 4) Replace a lot of line feeds (carriage returns) which had somehow disappeared. 5) This one was worst: there were NO TABS set in the RTF document, so all the formatting I had done using tabs was lost. I had to manually insert tab stops to make it even remotely readable again. If you want to use this for exporting in its present state, don’t use any tabs, and watch out for carriage returns mysteriously turning into invalid characters. Read below from my earlier impressions. I can still use this for keeping information organized natively, but the export should not be an advertised feature because it’s yet another “feature” that didn’t work. ---- I understand that it is supposed to be “minimal”, but different people have different opinions of minimal. First off, if it is supposed to be an app for writing in sections, with categories and sub-categories, then it also needs not just headers, but also sub-headers. Sub-headers are rather glaringly absent. They can be optional, but the option should be there. [Update: I was mistaken about the headers. There aren’t any. They were just bolded lines in different sections of the sample file.] Different fonts may not be necessary, but at least basic font sizing should be supported, because of different situations. I don’t need fancy formatting, but sometimes I want larger text, sometimes smaller, and some people don’t have very good eyes (though mine are fine). This is another rather glaring omission, because it should be part of even a “minimal” app. I can use this as-is, which is why I gave it 3 stars. It will still be useful. But sometimes “minimal” is just too minimal to be really useful for a lot of people. For example: there is no “Open Recent…” option in the file menu, even though it’s an Apple standard. I’m not asking for the world. But even for what this “minimal” app does, it needs some improvement before it will meet many peoples’ “minimal” standards. I’m not complaining, just making some observations. All in all it’s a decent little app. I don’t regret buying leafnote, but I look forward to some timely upgrades of basic features. If I see some, I might upgrade my rating. [Update, same date as above: After using this a while more, I noticed more things that can use work. Most glaringly, when you close the last window, the program quits. (This is not standard Apple UI behavior, but sometimes makes sense in single-panel applications. Sadly, this is not one of them.) That’s not too bad, but here’s what makes it bad: there is an option in the menu to “Reload Files on Startup” that doesn’t work. After closing your window, you now have to re-start the application, which gives you a “new leaf” window and does NOT reload files, regardless of the setting. So then… you can’t close the “New Leaf” window or the program will quit. You have to go to “File | Open” and re-open anything you were doing before. This is very bad and needs to be fixed. Get “Reload Files on Startup” working, or drop the automatic “New Leaf” window, and in either case, stop quitting the app when the window closes. Another pretty standard Apple feature is “File | Open Recent” which could be very useful here. Two other things of note regarding omissions in the interface: renaming a “Leaf” is done by clicking the name, but there is no time delay between single-click and rename, as there is in the standard Apple UI. Then, Esc does not halt renaming, you have to click elsewhere. This is a more minor gripe but it’s very noticeable. The startup behavior really must be fixed before I will give this a higher rating.]

Found helpful by 17 out of 20 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.05
Review by KLebooks.com

Cant Change Font Size! - I would give it a 5, but being a serious writer you need to be able to enlarge font-size to help reduce eye-strain.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.05
Review by Matty Matt

Excellent! - This is, without a doubt, the best and most intuitive notes application for writers of all kinds. It has instantly eliminated the need for other notes apps on my mac, and I truly hope we see a companion app for iPad someday soon. A far away, totally unrealistic wish would be interoperability with scrivener, but I know that to be the fantasy that it is. Awesome programs by different developers don’t just “work together”…but I can dream. This is a really well executed idea that was obviously conceived by people who write creatively and professionally. Don’t waste your time looking at anything else.

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people
Version 1.05
Review by wintermute62

Love it! - Perfect for keeping bits of text and ideas together. Minimal and straightforward.

Found helpful by 0 out of 2 people