Lava Loops

Developer: Nuevo Retro Games

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 10.8 MB - Download


EXPERIENCE THE GAME THAT PLAYERS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD HAVE DISCOVERED and variously described as ‘Seriously Freaky’, ‘Challenging’, ‘Fun’ and ‘Addictive’.

Spin the pipe pieces and race against the clock to create completely sealed loops in Time Attack, the larger the loop the higher the rewards. Try your hand at Challenge mode by completing the task presented, how hard can it be to make 5 loops with 20 pieces each in 2 minutes? You’ll find it’s not so easy! Or you can relax and take your time, perfecting your skills with no pressure in Endless mode.

With three game modes, a gentle difficulty curve and simple game play Lava Loops will appeal to all.

Features include:
• Non-stop brain teasing fun with Endless Mode
• Feel the pressure and compete against the clock in Time Attack!
• Broad levels of difficulty in Challenge Mode
• Touch the Bombs to strategically replace the surrounding pieces
• Incorporate T and + pieces into your loops for huge time and score bonuses
• Four player profiles
• Save and resume your current game
• Original music and sound effects
• Options to turn on/off music and sound effects
• Earn Achievements throughout the game
• In-game pause