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Developer: Taco Software

Current Version: 1.2.7

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Latexian is a revolutionary, new LaTeX editor for the Mac. Latexian provides advanced tools for creating and typesetting LaTeX documents. Using Latexian's Live Preview, you can see how your document typesets while you are editing it — the PDF preview updates automatically! Latexian has many other advanced features, including syntax-aware spell checking, tabbed documents, code completion, and much more. Latexian supports the LaTeX and XeTeX typesetters, and includes support for working with BibTeX documents.

The Preview, Live Preview, and Export features in Latexian require a MacTeX or BasicTeX installation to be downloaded separately and installed. MacTeX and BasicTeX are available for free from the MacTeX website. Latexian will prompt you to download MacTeX with a download button if needed, but Latexian can still be used to edit documents without a MacTeX installation.

Navigator - Quickly navigate to chapters, sections, and included files using the Navigator. You can also add your own bookmarks to the Navigator by adding a comment to your document starting with the "!" character.

Live Preview - Live Preview allows you to see how your document typesets while you are editing. The PDF preview appears in a split pane and updates automatically.

Code Completion - Latexian includes Code Completion for LaTeX and BibTeX documents. When navigating the completion list, a brief description is shown for the selected item.

Code Folding - Code Folding allows you to collapse segments of text, making it easier to navigate through your text. Latexian identifies chapters and sections in your document and provides disclosure triangles to fold these in one click. Latexian will remember and restore your folds if you don't edit a document externally.

Code Clips - If you ever get tired of copying and pasting frequently used text segments, then Latexian's Code Clips will alleviate your problems. Code Clips allow you to store, manage, and access those text segments more easily. With Code Clips, you can assign keyboard shortcuts (Command + 0-9) to insert a clip into a document. You can also insert clips through Latexian's Code Completion panel.

Spell Checking - Latexian includes syntax-aware spell checking, including spell checking while you type. It ignores your LaTeX commands, and highlights errors in your text content.

Code Coloring - As you edit your document, Latexian colors your text to make it easier to read and navigate. Coloring is customizable, and Latexian supports coloring for LaTeX and BibTeX documents.

Console - Latexian includes an interactive console for presenting the output of the typesetter, and accepting input requested by the typesetter. Error messages are hyperlinked to the document location where the error occurred.

Find & Batch Find - Latexian includes advanced Find functionality for searching individual documents or entire projects. Support for regular expressions is included.


Release Notes:

- Fixes a bug where Latexian could log excessively to the system log.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.3
Review by drbulbulia

My favorite LaTeX editor, - This app is extremely well thought out. It combines simplicity with just enough customizability to keep things cozy rather than chaotic. While each editor has its virtues, Latexian has quickly become favourite for LaTeX. GOOD STUFF: - The interface is clean: it is easy to use nativate. - Full screen mode is brilliant for focussing on your work. - I didn't think I'd be a fan of live update but it is very useful for final edits & polishing: live update is now now a **must** have for me. - The symbols cheat sheets can be accessed quickly from full screen mode so you never have to break your stride looking up a symbol. - The navigator options is brilliant. Just click the upper left hand icon and you can jump to sections & subsections in your document in a flash, click again and it disappears. - The spell and grammar checks also work a charm (ignoring LaTeX syntax...). - Creating master files, shortcuts ("clips"), & other customisation is idiot proof. TO IMPROVE - Exporting to HTML or RTF would make this app the ultimate LaTeX couch potatoe's dream (for those journals that don't take .tex). - Generally, though, I would strongly avoiding adding complexity. Keep the editor light and robust. Simplicity and elegance should continue to be your priority. OVERALL For me, the extra functionality of Latexian makes it worth spending a little extra $ over its competitors. This is a terrific app, and I heartily recommend it.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.2.4
Review by dgfdsgdasfkjopa

No pdf export - That’s the first time I write a review. I didn’t do anything special, just bought it and installed. Then there is no pdf export anywhere. I checked file tab, I checked toolbar. Nothing.

Found helpful by 9 out of 29 people