Developer: Takumi Toda

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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LargeLook is a simple application that displays the text larger.

• Services Menu & Contextual Menu Support
• AppleScript Support
• URLScheme Support (largelook://)
- Multi-line Support
- Multi Screen Support
+ Font and Font Size can be changed (using 'defaults' command in

and, closed with esc key.


Release Notes:

New in LargeLook 1.1

• You can freely change the font and size. (use 'defaults' command in
FontName - The font name that is installed on your Mac, such as "Times New Roman" or "Lucida Grande Bold". The default is "Helvetica Light".
MinFontSize - Possible values are between 25 and 100. The default is 35.
MaxFontSize - Possible values are between 200 and 300. The default is 300.

Terminal Command Examples:
defaults write com.tecketodar.LargeLook FontName "Avenir Light"
defaults write com.tecketodar.LargeLook MinFontSize 40

• Fixed a default keyboard shortcut.
• Other minor changes.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1
Review by nasa_user

Keeps poping up the splash page with user instructions. - Whenever I use this from Script Debugger (Applescript), it displays the text I want, then within a short time or if I go to the file menu in SD, it then pops up the splash page. NOT a good thing. Would be very useful to me without this aftereffect. Also, it would be very nice with more applescript options, I would then pay more for it.

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