Language Burger Games

Developer: Dmitry Chestnykh

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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12 engaging and fun classroom games developed while teaching English as a foreign language to 300+ students are now available in the convenient format for teachers for the first time!

Print the worksheets and give them to your students, or play by looking at the computer screen. Suitable for pair work, group work, whole class, or individual work


✔ Cloud nine.

The board games that everybody loves are now used to practise different tenses and other grammar constructions. Watch your students play the game or play along with them. Choose the construction to practise from the list or add your own.

✔ Compare something weird.

Let your students practise comparative forms using fun pictures of amusing animals, dinosaurs, fairy tale houses in unexpected combinations.

✔ Keep a sentence.

Now your students are the ones to decide what sentences are right or wrong, but if they pick the wrong ones, they’ll be losing precious points. Let them practise those usual tenses while playing this unusual game!

✔ Noughts and crosses.

Practise Present, Past and Future tenses while playing this popular game.

✔ Questions in a hat.

Have you run out of questions but still want your students to practise some dialogues? Use these ready-made questions to discuss a wide range of topics with your students and practise Present Simple, Past Simple, Present Perfect Simple and Continuous.

✔ Questions with and without auxiliary verbs.

This game is one of the best ways to practise such questions. Let your students play this game and remember the scheme for such questions.

✔ Thought bubbles.

Cartoons are always fun even when you use them to practise constructions like “I wish” and “If only” for present and past. Your students will be practising the constructions while using their imagination to complete the cartoons themselves!

✔ What’s happening? What’s going to happen?

The more you drill a construction, the better it will be remembered. Let your students use their imagination and practise constructions for talking about future plans and situations while describing some fun cartoons.


✔ Colours.

Have you ever tried playing this game at your leisure time? You name the colours but not the words, and sometimes it seems impossible to do it right from the first time at all! Let your students experience all those emotions and fun moments while revising the colour vocabulary!

✔ Crosswords.

Everybody loves crosswords and funny pictures. Why not use both while revising vocabulary? Make it the main activity for your lesson or use these crosswords when you have extra time left. Make your lessons creative and fun!

✔ Hangman.

We all played Hangman when we were kids and some of us still play it now. Bring the excitement of the game into your classroom! Your students will be playing the game while revising various vocabulary.

✔ Numbers.

Learning or revising numbers can be boring, unless you play a number game and make it fun! Use the prepared worksheets or create your own ones to revise any numbers.