Language Alchemist

Developer: jalada GmbH

Current Version: 4.5.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Struggling With Vocabulary? Call the Alchemist!

Language Alchemist is your ultimate assistant to translate foreign language texts. Integrated in practically any Mac application such as Safari® you get the power to investigate unknown words without large detours. As the result you can still better and still faster understand various sources of information, e.g. manuals, online help and Web pages.

*** Look up words with just One-Click ***
There is no need for complicated additional typing or Copy&Paste operations. You can start a translation with just one mouse-click while you are working in other applications or documents.

*** Embedded multilingual dictionary ***
The revised edition of our multilingual dictionary with 26 languages included (= 400 individual dictionaries) - provides you with an extensive vocabulary, which can be extended smoothly at any time.

*** Extending the vocabulary has never been so easy ***
Design your own information source with Lexis Builder. The Builder assists you descriptive during the whole build process, from selecting the data source to installing your extension. Please follow simply the onscreen instructions.

Currently the embedded dictionary includes the following languages:

Major Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Esperanto, French, Danish, Czech, Russian, Italian, Swedish

Additional Languages: Afrikaans, Hungarian, Faeroese, Polish, Finnish, Thai, Norwegian,
Turkish, Icelandic, Greek, Romanian, Albanian, Swahili, Latin




Release Notes:

This release delivers an extended embedded vocabulary and fixes a service menu translation issue.


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Version 4.5.1
Review by Mahmut kara

This doesnt have any words on it.. - This software is totally trash.. It has no any words to translate.. Just very very very simple words such as apple, orange, banana, not more.. Just that simple..!!

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