LanScan Pro

Developer: iwaxx Sarl

Current Version: 5.0

Last Updated: 1 month ago

Download Size: 1.6 MB - Download


LanScan Pro is a simple and efficient IPv4 network scanner that discovers all active devices on any subnet: the local one, or any public subnet that you configure.

LanScan Pro has exactly the same features as the In-App purchase in LanScan free edition. (Hostname resolution without restrictions)
We keep Pro version for backward compabilities, but if you're a new user, it's preferred to buy the In-App purchase in LanScan Free edition than buying the LanScan Pro application.

-> Auto-detection of configured interfaces: Airport, Ethernet, Virtual interfaces ...
-> Scan the IP range you like, from 1 IP to the whole IPv4 address space!
-> Scan your local network with ARP packets
-> Scan public IP network ranges with Ping / SMB / mDNS packets
-> Display the IP address, MAC address, hostname and vendor associated
-> Discover the SMB domain if any configured
-> Hostname resolution: DNS, mDNS (Apple devices) and SMB (Windows devices)
-> Custom hostname edition
-> Custom comment for each device
-> Export results in CSV files
-> Hide/show each column
-> Align each column as you want
-> No limitation on the number of devices found !

Comparison with the free LanScan edition:
-> Hostname resolution without restrictions


Release Notes:

* New "Live Scan" feature: LanScan indefinitely scans your network for new devices
* Enhanced "One Time Scan": LanScan v5 returns more results in one single scan than v4
* New notification on IP address change: user can reset all results and update IP in LanScan
* New icons


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.0
Review by kilauea88

Great Little App to scan IP networks - This is a great app, and I use it all the time. I used the free version for a while before happily paying the modest charge for the “Pro” version. You can select the active network interface, and you export a list of local devices, MAC addresses, Hostnames, Vendors and DNS Name, mDNS Name, SMB Name, SMB Domain. It would be nice if the exported .txt file included the names of the columns at the top. Great and useful app at a good price.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 3.0
Review by Phil7775

Waste of money - This app is practically useless. I just bought this app and scanned a network of over 200 ips. This app found all of the IPs but only detected the names of maybe 10-15 of those devices. A complete waste of money. Buy IP Scanner Pro instead. It’s more expensive but you get what you pay for. I just got it and scanned the same network. Found every single device and labeled them correctly. Much more powerful.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.0
Review by C-William

Lan Scan Review - I have been using this for the past year. I started with the free version but quickly found that the limit of 5 hostnames was something i needed to aquire the full version for. I use this app daily, I work for a MSP and going to a clients site and scanning the network with this tool makes discovery a breaze. I would love to see the abilty to scan for open ports as well but maybe in a future release.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 5.0
Review by WarrenO

Works great; latest update makes it even better! - I started with the free version, but the pro version was inexpensive and adds some useful features. Both are quick and convenient for seeing what devices are on your LAN. The recent update makes it just about perfect. Recommended!

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