LUT Translator

Developer: Florian Martin

Current Version: 2.08

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 3.3 MB - Download


Translate all your look-up-tables in all formats within one application.
LUT-Translator reads and writes any 1D and 3D LUT format and keeps your LUTs organized in a document-based database.
Load multiple LUTs from the same format in one acion.
Reverse and inverse any LUT, even 3D LUTs.
Combine multiple LUTs.
Extract Color and Luma information.
Add video level changes from legal to full range and vice versa.
Write as many duplicates in different formats as needed from any LUT with one easy step.
Use the LUT template to extract color information out of any image application.

Currently we support these formats:
- aftereffects3d, lustre3d, float3d, osd3d, cube3d, cinetal3d, clipster3d, codex3d, fusion3d, baselightcube3d, colorPandora3d, nucoda3d, luther3d, davinci3d, scratch3d
- aftereffects1d, lustre1d, cube1d, nucoda1d, osd1d, shake1d, cinetal1d, codex1d, sonysrw1d, fusion1d, arriscan1d, scratch1d, davinci_ilut1D, davinci_olut1d

for any other format please send us an example LUT to [email protected] and we will implement it.


Release Notes:

Legalize function for truncating float LUTs to 0.0 - 1.0 value range

"Add matrix" function now computes input and output gamma individually and two matrixs

10.9 compatible UI