Kiwi for Gmail

Developer: Zive, Inc.

Current Version: 2.0.4

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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"It's shocking Google never created this software on its own." -- Inc.
“Can’t miss app.” -- Mashable

Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 integrates all of G Suite (formerly Google Apps) with Gmail as the centerpiece. We turn Gmail and the rest of G Suite into a full-powered desktop client that takes everything you know and love about Gmail and apps such as Docs, Sheets and Slides, and add great new features – including the ability to simplify your life by seamlessly managing multiple Gmail accounts. Finally a solution for office productivity that competes with Microsoft Office 365.

Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 with G Suite revolutionizes Gmail by transforming not only the functionality and interface of Gmail itself, but also how it works with Google Apps. By providing multiple windows, desktop integration, and a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to quickly access each application, open new documents, and get back to recent documents with a single click, Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 now gives you all the great functionality of G Suite apps in a better way.

One of the most anticipated apps on Kickstarter in 2015 and two years in the making, Kiwi for Gmail delivers a sophisticated app that thoroughly integrates Gmail into your desktop experience in ways that simply aren’t possible in the browser. To do this, we rebuilt how Gmail functions on the desktop from the ground up to make it faster, easier to use, and more reliable.

Get started today and discover a whole new way to use Gmail and G Suite.



• Use Gmail as a desktop app, freed from the browser
• Reliable Multiple Accounts - Use up to 6 Gmail accounts simultaneously using an architecture that's more reliable than traditional Gmail
• Ability to use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as native, windowed desktop applications within Kiwi for Gmail
• Ability to open documents in their own windows so you can multi-task like never before using documents across applications and accounts
• Ability to open recent documents and quickly access Google Drive files across multiple accounts
• Intuitive new toolbar on the left side of the traditional Gmail interface provides quick access to all G Suite applications
• Saves all open document windows on exit and restores on relaunch, preserving window size, location, and account in the process
• Ability to open various file types directly within Kiwi for Gmail, including gsheet, gform, gdoc, gslides, gdraw, glink and gnote
• Offline access for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides is in development
• Boomerang plugin fully supported
• Huge attachments - Send giant files using Google Drive, which is now so quick to do, it's even simpler than Dropbox.
• Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts - let you get to your email in a second.
• Important-Only Notifications - a desktop email first; use this optional feature and filter the noise right out of your email effortlessly.
• The Zen Switch(tm) - shut off all email notifications so you can focus, without shutting out the whole world.

• NOTE: Kiwi for Gmail does not have *offline support*, which is incompatible with serving all Gmail's features.
• NOTE: Kiwi for Gmail does not support Google's Inbox.

• Gmail as a Polished Desktop Experience - Windows for new messages, the calendar, Google Drive; Attach photos, documents, or whatever you want by just dragging them on; An inbox that works like a desktop application and not a strange menubar dropdown hybrid -- we've thought of everything.
• Gmail as your Default Email Client - It really works. Replace Mail and Outlook completely with Kiwi for Gmail - click an email in Contacts or the browser and it'll open one of our beautiful new email windows.
• Dock icon, Menubar dropdown, and full Inbox window.
• Gorgeous, simple New Message windows - Vastly improved over the browser.

• More Gmail plugins - We'll be integrating various third-party plugins in coming updates.


Release Notes:

- Find in page for inbox and message windows (cmd-f brings up Find, cmd-g moves to next match)
- Fix layout issue for certain configurations
- Fix issue with crash in rare circumstances
- Fixes for SSO issues with not quite valid certificates
- Update the unread counts when waking up
- Resolve a security bookmark issue for download location handling
- Stay quiet when the OS is in Do Not Disturb mode
- Speed up display of compose new message window in certain situations
- Resolve a potential crash on initial install


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.9.10
Review by Pat in San Antonio

Great if you always have an Internet connection when you look at your email. - I LOVE KIWI. Kiwi is SO much faster and better than a web browser to access my Gmail. The customer support is GREAT! Three days after I contacted them, an update was available that fixed my problem. I love how Kiwi quickly connects to Gmail and lets me quickly switch among my accounts. I can immediately see the message list without waiting for messages to download or synchronize. I can directly access the Gmail settings and make changes using Kiwi. Think of Kiwi as a dedicated Gmail browser that needs an Internet connection to work. Kiwi is not the answer for people who want to work with email when there is no available Internet connection. Those people need an app that actually downloads messages and saves tham on the Mac (like Apple’s Mail app).

Found helpful by 10 out of 10 people
Version 1.8.71
Review by Verelse

Free from the browser? Nothing but a browser - Please, don’t be suckered into spending your hard-earned money on this…it is NOT an application; it is just a captured browser. Your experience will be exactly like using the browser because you WILL be using the browser. This app is a complete waste of money. I am not sure where the reviews are coming from, but the positive reviews don’t describe the “application” I just received. The only thing it does is open a captured browser and place an icon on your menu bar. The icon does give one notificatons; but so does the browser if you allow it. There is NO user interface expect for the preference pane and the dialog presented by the menu bar icon. Really, you get nothing at all for your money. Beware the other reviews and take heed: there is nothing here of value. UPDATED: The new version is still just a browser. I am very suspicious of the many “kickstarter” supporter reviews… they continuously refer to this app as a “desktop” application. DON’T BE DECEIVED: It is a BROWSER APPLICATION. There is nothing here but a browser and notifications. It is purely FALSE to say it is strictly a desktop application.

Found helpful by 17 out of 35 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0.4
Review by texas critter

Useless - constantly says there is no internet connection when there is - It worked great for a week or so, then it decided there was no internet connection even tho I was online, was googling and pulling up other sites, including Gmail, in my browser. I've jumped thru the hoops that support suggested (reboot my laptop, check that it's current version), I've even deleted my accounts and managed to re-add one and then it said there was no internet connection again. Useless program, sorry I wasted my money and my time trying to get it work again. When it did work, the main complaint I had was that you can't see the link url by hovering over a link (useful to avoid viruses). Other than that I liked it, while it worked briefly anyway.

Found helpful by 5 out of 11 people
Version 2.0.4
Review by theUltimateConsumer

Good App for the person who hates using their browser for email, calendar, etc. - Updated Review: Overall, Great App. I strongly disliked using Gmail because I really cant stand having it in my browser. This mostly, solves that problem. It is great to be in the native web client, which gets me all of the power that gmail and the google office suite provide, but also keeps my browser clean. Pros: - My office productivity apps are out of my browser - I get to use the theming and other UI changes easily. - Zoom works very well - I find the multiple account capabiity (along with account colors) works VERY well. I have different themes on my UI so I dont mix them up. They really look like different apps. Very well done - The Left Menu bar is well done. I like it alot. Cons: - Rising Right to the top of the list is the Lack of Copy Paste in Google Docs. When I try to move stuff around in sheets, I get prompted to install the Plugin. That is not possible however as following the link just wants me to install it in Chrome. This is not Chrome, so not very helpful. This needs to be addressed ASAP. I now have to use docs in the browser to work on my docs, which is a big benefit of the pay version. - The name of the Account is in a colored Tab at the top of the menu bar. I like the look and the color. BUT, I am unable to rename the account. I would like to name the account the name of my company, or personal, etc. Now it just shows you the email address of the account. If you have multiple accounts that are similar, you have to read rather than glance at it. Too much cognitive load. The colors do help quite a bit though. - I like how Compose, creates a new windows to compose a new email. But, I dislike how reply is inline just like it is in on the web version. I really wish there was a way to pop that out of the main window. - Speaking of which, the compose window does not change the window title after you have put in a subjet on your msg. The heading at the top chanes, but the window does not. If you look at the window in finder, it just says “New Message”. If I have 3 new messages going on, it would be nice to know which is which. - Clicking on Kiwi in the Mac’s doc, always opens the main browser window. This is likely the best behavior, but if I am working on multiple google docs, then it would be nice to have a more elegant manner of grabbing the right window. RIght now, Word, Powerpoint, Excel have their own icons, this would be great to have as well. I know this would be a different app, but there has to be a way… Keep up the good work. Great use of my $$.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 2.0.4
Review by kevlawr

Not just for Gmail, but Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, & Slides as well - Was on the fence but finally got it. It’s way better than I thought. So easy to compose a message from anywhere. Easy to create Google Docs and whatnot. Beautiful to use with an external monitor. I won’t be looking into switching to Spark, as this keeps all the tags that I’ve already created in Gmail as well. Well worth the $8. Great job on this.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 2.0.4
Review by se1961

Very helpful, a little clunky... - I keep using this application as my mail client, because it integrates with g-suite better than any other client I have found on OSX. As others have stated, it’s very nice to open G-Suite without opening the browser. But I find the usability to be a little clunky and wish it were more streamlined. You can program two universal hotkeys to create a new message, and new calendar event, but there is no way to assign a universal hotkey to open the program, or any of g-suites related programs. This means if your menubar icon indicates that you have new mail and the program is closed, there is no quick hotkey that lets you check the new messages. Even if you use the mouse, you can’t just clicking on the menubar icon and see your inbox— it takes two clicks, one to pull down an options menu, and one more to open the inbox. You can’t disable Kiwi in the dock, showing the menubar icon only (my preference, for an uncluttered dock, and an option offered by many “always running” programs), and since the menubar icon doesn’t offer quicker access to anything, I ended up disabling it. Tiny changes would streamline this good program and make it much better, but I don’t have the sense that the developers are responsive to such suggestions. Perhaps they are focusing under the hood— I do find the program stable and reliable.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 2.0.4
Review by RGomezPhotos

Fantastic app inches away from 5 stars! - I was a little hesitant when purchasing the app. I’ve seen too many apps claim to be the perfect wrapper for Gmail. At best, they turn out to be pretty and very buggy wannabes. Kiwi for GMail is what these previous apps should’ve been. I love the look and I don’t think I’ve ever noticed any bugs with the software. But there are some functionality that should be done to improve it: * Support for more than 6 accounts. It’s not hard to have more than 6 eMail accounts if you run multiplle businesses, have projects that require a separate eMail and then there’s personal. Then you’ll have to setup options for the menu system. You can have all your accounts listed in one column or have them nested. * Start Minimized. At startup, the app is displayed on the screen. I’d like to have this minimized at startup. If I have zero eMails (never happens, honestly. ;-)), why do I need the app on screen? What if i have a sensitive eMail displayed at startup and someone is standing/sitting next to me? * Fonts for Menus. When displaying accounts the font color is very light and can be hard to read. The font is also on the small side. This should be more customizable. Great app. But it takes a lot to get a 5-star rating. So close!

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people