Kiwi for Gmail

Developer: Zive, Inc.

Current Version: 2.0.6

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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"It's shocking Google never created this software on its own." -- Inc.
“Can’t miss app.” -- Mashable

Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 integrates all of G Suite (formerly Google Apps) with Gmail as the centerpiece. We turn Gmail and the rest of G Suite into a full-powered desktop client that takes everything you know and love about Gmail and apps such as Docs, Sheets and Slides, and add great new features – including the ability to simplify your life by seamlessly managing multiple Gmail accounts. Finally a solution for office productivity that competes with Microsoft Office 365.

Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 with G Suite revolutionizes Gmail by transforming not only the functionality and interface of Gmail itself, but also how it works with Google Apps. By providing multiple windows, desktop integration, and a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to quickly access each application, open new documents, and get back to recent documents with a single click, Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 now gives you all the great functionality of G Suite apps in a better way.

One of the most anticipated apps on Kickstarter in 2015 and two years in the making, Kiwi for Gmail delivers a sophisticated app that thoroughly integrates Gmail into your desktop experience in ways that simply aren’t possible in the browser. To do this, we rebuilt how Gmail functions on the desktop from the ground up to make it faster, easier to use, and more reliable.

Get started today and discover a whole new way to use Gmail and G Suite.



• Use Gmail as a desktop app, freed from the browser
• Reliable Multiple Accounts - Use up to 6 Gmail accounts simultaneously using an architecture that's more reliable than traditional Gmail
• Ability to use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as native, windowed desktop applications within Kiwi for Gmail
• Ability to open documents in their own windows so you can multi-task like never before using documents across applications and accounts
• Ability to open recent documents and quickly access Google Drive files across multiple accounts
• Intuitive new toolbar on the left side of the traditional Gmail interface provides quick access to all G Suite applications
• Saves all open document windows on exit and restores on relaunch, preserving window size, location, and account in the process
• Ability to open various file types directly within Kiwi for Gmail, including gsheet, gform, gdoc, gslides, gdraw, glink and gnote
• Offline access for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides is in development
• Boomerang plugin fully supported
• Huge attachments - Send giant files using Google Drive, which is now so quick to do, it's even simpler than Dropbox.
• Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts - let you get to your email in a second.
• Important-Only Notifications - a desktop email first; use this optional feature and filter the noise right out of your email effortlessly.
• The Zen Switch(tm) - shut off all email notifications so you can focus, without shutting out the whole world.

• NOTE: Kiwi for Gmail does not have *offline support*, which is incompatible with serving all Gmail's features.
• NOTE: Kiwi for Gmail does not support Google's Inbox.

• Gmail as a Polished Desktop Experience - Windows for new messages, the calendar, Google Drive; Attach photos, documents, or whatever you want by just dragging them on; An inbox that works like a desktop application and not a strange menubar dropdown hybrid -- we've thought of everything.
• Gmail as your Default Email Client - It really works. Replace Mail and Outlook completely with Kiwi for Gmail - click an email in Contacts or the browser and it'll open one of our beautiful new email windows.
• Dock icon, Menubar dropdown, and full Inbox window.
• Gorgeous, simple New Message windows - Vastly improved over the browser.

• More Gmail plugins - We'll be integrating various third-party plugins in coming updates.


Release Notes:

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- Proper handling of middle click
- Restores boomerang Respondable functionality
- Stabilizes compose in new window behavior
- Fixes three rare crash situations
- Resolves small number of memory issues
- Internal framework changes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.9.10
Review by Pat in San Antonio

Great if you always have an Internet connection when you look at your email. - I LOVE KIWI. Kiwi is SO much faster and better than a web browser to access my Gmail. The customer support is GREAT! Three days after I contacted them, an update was available that fixed my problem. I love how Kiwi quickly connects to Gmail and lets me quickly switch among my accounts. I can immediately see the message list without waiting for messages to download or synchronize. I can directly access the Gmail settings and make changes using Kiwi. Think of Kiwi as a dedicated Gmail browser that needs an Internet connection to work. Kiwi is not the answer for people who want to work with email when there is no available Internet connection. Those people need an app that actually downloads messages and saves tham on the Mac (like Apple’s Mail app).

Found helpful by 10 out of 10 people
Version 1.8.71
Review by Verelse

Free from the browser? Nothing but a browser - Please, don’t be suckered into spending your hard-earned money on this…it is NOT an application; it is just a captured browser. Your experience will be exactly like using the browser because you WILL be using the browser. This app is a complete waste of money. I am not sure where the reviews are coming from, but the positive reviews don’t describe the “application” I just received. The only thing it does is open a captured browser and place an icon on your menu bar. The icon does give one notificatons; but so does the browser if you allow it. There is NO user interface expect for the preference pane and the dialog presented by the menu bar icon. Really, you get nothing at all for your money. Beware the other reviews and take heed: there is nothing here of value. UPDATED: The new version is still just a browser. I am very suspicious of the many “kickstarter” supporter reviews… they continuously refer to this app as a “desktop” application. DON’T BE DECEIVED: It is a BROWSER APPLICATION. There is nothing here but a browser and notifications. It is purely FALSE to say it is strictly a desktop application.

Found helpful by 17 out of 35 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0.6
Review by pkahleeb

Unfulfilled Promises - I purchased this because I use Google Apps for my primary email and wanted to use it in a separate program instead of my browser. Sadly, the developer continues to promise that “other plugins” are coming soon. This has been the case for well over a year with ZERO other plugins added. Boomerang is a terrible plugin because they price Google Apps users like some large corporation. True, Kiwi for Gmail can’t do anything about pricing for Boomerang. However, they could give us more plugins like Right Inbox, Rapportive, and Streak. However, each time I contact Kiwi for Gmail, they tell me it is coming soon. I am sorry, but telling customers the same thing for well over a year is not “soon” by any definition. Because of this, the app is worthless for me. I need plugins for my workflow and have had to move on to other applications to help fill the void. While expensive, Mailplane 3 is the best in the market and have been around for a very long time. They offer plugin support for Boomerang, Right Inbox, Rapportive, and Streak. If you need plugins, stay away from Kiwi for Gmail. Don’t believe the promise that plugins are coming soon.

Found helpful by 7 out of 11 people
Version 2.0.6
Review by Mike_h_101

Lifesaver - I run three businesses and use a personal email as well. I love Apple, but Google is my productivity go-to. But I regularly have three different user-windows open on chrome with at least ten tabs each. Keeping track of my emails and calendars was a hassle. I was laying in bed one night thinking of a solution, and thought “someone has to have made a desktop Gmail client.” A little searching and I stumbled across this. Best app I ever bought. It’s on both of my computers and saves me a huge headache. I couldn’t be happier.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 2.0.6
Review by Maveric09

Good, but not great - The app preservers a lot of GSuite’s core functionality but there are some limitations that, for me, can’t make it a standalone replacement for the Chrome version. First, there are no calendar notifications from Google Calendar. This means I have to keep Google Calendar open in a browser while using Kiwi for GMail thus defeating the purpose for using Kiwi and using even more system resources. Second, while Boomerang is incorporated into Kiwi, that is currently the only plugin it supports. This, for me, limits Kiwi’s usability and functionality. Third, Google Hangouts doesn’t seem to work. This may not impact all users but for those of us that use it for home office needs it is a hassle. In sum, I think the developrs are on to something great but it needs more work to be a true replacement for the Chrome version.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.0.6
Review by EdMyers

Essential, lots of room to grow! - As a heavy gsuite user, this app is critical to my day to day work. In fact, really don’t know how I lived without it, and it gets better and better with every release. However, as other reviewers point out, there are still many opportunities for improvement. Based off their work so far I’m really impressed by the Kiwi team and I’m really excited to see what the future holds for the app. For example, I’d love if the gsuite apps would only open one window per app - if I want to jump to my calendar and can’t find quickly, I’ll click the gcal button/icon in the kiwi menu - but it always opens a new window. Over the course of the day I end up with dozens of Kiwi windows open showing the same thing when what I really want is one window for each of the main apps (calendar, drive, contacts, or a particular document) and for kiwi to find the window that’s already open and bring it to the front. I’ve also noticed that when downloading/saving attachments from emails, I can’t create new folders in the expanded save panel and end up having to jump over to finder, add the folder there, then going back to Kiwi to save the attachment into it. It’s a small bother, but adds up over time. Overall this is an essential app that I couldn’t live without, and I’m looking forward to seeing it continue to improve!

Found helpful by 10 out of 10 people
Version 2.0.6
Review by TCapple

Needs work, but pretty good - I’m using it daily, because the core function is so useful. That said, there are some glaring issues: no “back” button forces multiple clicks to return to last view sometimes; slow notifications and refreshes (notifications come in 15 minutes to 1 hours AFTER and email arrives); emails sometimes don’t appear for several minutes, and as above, there is no easy way to “refresh” to check for new messages; sometimes it’s unstable - needs to be restarted daily to fix rendering issues and blank screens; opens Google apps in a new window with no navigation - a dealbreaker if you use sheets, docs, drive which need a back & refresh button. Hopeful this will work better in the future, but updates are few and far between.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people