King Arthur

Developer: MoonCake Games Inc.

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Follow Arthur's rise from boy to king! Narrated by Merlin the magician, King Arthur traces the tale of Arthur from the young age when he pulls Excalibur, the magical sword out of a stone, to his years as the greatest king of all England. Use magical runes as you battle the evil Morgana and Mordred, who use their powers to usurp the throne of England, in this fun Hidden Object game!


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Version 1.0
Review by minpinminion

OK... For a Kid... - Way too simplistic & lacking a cohesive advancement of the game's objectives -- I think anyone over the age of 10-12 (and that's pushing it!) would get bored after 15-20 minutes. No great mystery, no great revelation, and no great challenge in any so-called mini-puzzles -- it was just a series of hidden object scenes broken up with narration that presumed to tee up the "challenge" before you, yet it was just another set of 20-30 hidden objects again, none of which provided a key or challenge to use it and open up more adventure. I think kids will like the aspect of finding the hidden objects, but its one redeeming quality is also its greatest weakness -- the same old, same old, just lost amidst a new cluttered scene. If you're looking for something for the youngsters (under 10, especially), then this may give them something to do on a rainy or snowy afternoon. I would've liked to rate this differently, but when you've been spoiled by new classics like Big Fish's "Drawn" trilogy or the old classics like the "Myst" adventures, your standards become far more exacting. It does, however, give developers a pinnacle to aspire to -- I hope MoonCake will beef this game up so it will be a challenge to all!

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