Developer: Hanley Solid Solutions

Current Version: 1.0.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Take the guess work out of reminding yourself about important tasks using your Mac, with Kindly.

Using Mountain Lion's Notification Center feature, Kindly displays helpful yet unobtrusive reminders that help to keep you on track for all the numerous things going on in your hectic life.

The best part about Kindly is its intelligent reminding algorithm. Based on the number of days between the event and the day you schedule it, Kindly will determine the optimal amount of times to remind you without becoming a nuisance. No need to specify when Kindly should remind you, and how often.

Creating a new reminder is extremely easy. Just select a date for your event, enter in the name for your event, and click on the add button. A confirmation that the event was created is then presented using Notification Center.

Want to keep track of your past events, and when they were created? After an event has been completed, it is then added to the past events list, with its name, and the date that it was completed. When your past events list is getting too full for your liking, you can clean it out by just selecting the Clear All Past Events in the Kindly toolbar.

Kindly - A Kinder reminder app!